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E. Power Productions 24-bit Technology Platform
Items bearing this technology logo conform to the highest audio standards for PCM recordings today, by our own recording and technology division, E. Power Productions.
Digital technology has improved tremendously since the advent of the Compact Disc. However, the CD itself is limited in resolution, both in the time domain, and the volume domain. The resoultion of a CD is defined by its sample rate, which is the number of times per second that the volume (loudness) of the sound is recorded. Resolution is also determined by the number of digits in the number which is used to record that loudness. On a CD, a 16-bit binary number is recorded. (If you went to school in the 1970's or earlier, you would say: On a CD, a 16-digit Base Two number is recorded.) All CDs have this same, fixed resolution. 
When this standard was created, it was thought that this resolution completely exceeded all musical requirements. As a practical matter, most 44.1k/16 recordings have much less resolution due to the use of inferior analog-to-digital converters and their associated circuits. The lack of available dynamic range in the recording process, where engineers must reserve a certain amount of gain to avoid overloads, also reduces the effective bit rate, resulting in recordings that are actually have only 12 or 13 bit resolution. 

In addition, the need for digital filters to prevent supersonic frequencies from interfering with those in the audible band also creates sonic problems. The low resolution of the CD standard makes design of these filters difficult, as their audible effects are worse with low-resolution digital bandwidths than with high resolution.
The most significant improvement in the past few years has been the development of analog-to-digital converters that record 24-bit samples of the sound, rather than the 16-bit samples which is standard for CDs and Digital Audio Tape (DAT). These converters can measure volume changes using 16,777,216 increments (2 to the 24th power), compared to a CD's 16-bit resolution of 65,536 increments. E. Power Productions, the recording and technology studio of Loft Recordings and Gothic Records, was among the first to employ this technology in its recordings. This substantial improvement in resolution is especially audible in recordings of organs and choirs, particularly those made in reverberant rooms. Reverberation tails, vocal presence, image depth and openess are all affected. 
The use of higher sample rates, such as 88,200 or 96,000 samples per second (or higher), also improve recorded sound, but the effect of these improvements are not nearly as great as the improvement in bit rates.

Quality of low level detail is the most difficult challenge for all digital recordings, and we choose all our equipment primarily by using this criteria. The choice of microphones, cables and other factors are all part of the 24-bit technology platform used by E. Power Productions. 

When the editing is complete, the task of CD mastering determines the final resolution of the compact disc that you buy. In this process, the 24-bit original recording is transcribed into a 16-bit track that is compatible with CD players. There are many tricks and technologies that can be applied at this stage -- at E. Power Productions, we use minimal processing, if any at all.  We also employ the highest quality digital algorithms to produce a result that is as wonderful as the original live sound. Only when all of these elements come together to produce the desired result, does a recording earn the 24-bit technology logo.

E. Power Productions makes a limited number of recordings every year.  Contact us for more information if you would like this technology applied to your next recording project!

Below is a list of CDs that employ our technology.
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Kimberly Marshall plays Frescobaldi Recital in Handel's Church - Digital Download L'Organiste Parisien - Joseph Adam
L'Organiste Parisien/Adam
Our Price: $18.98
Frescobaldi played on an authentic Italian organ from 1742, no  located at Arizona State University. The first recording made on the new Richards-Fowkes organ in Handel's parish church in London! Kimberly Marshall plays a program of Handelian themes, and Bach. The new organ is the first American-built instrument in London. In his first recording on the new Rosales organ of St James, Cathedral Organist Joseph Adam explores the soundscape of Parisian organists from the mid 19th century to the present. Of special interest is the recording "The Last Judgement" of Naji Hakim's, successor to Messiaen's position at la Trinité in Paris.  The Rosales organ is cast in French Symphonic style and is greatly enhanced by St James' reverberant acoustics.
Bach - Preludes and Fugues - Joan Lippincott Chosen Tunes - Susan Jane Matthews Preludes Postludes beginning 9-11-2001 - Susan Ferré
Chosen Tunes/Matthews
Our Price: $18.98
Of the many musical forms that J.S. Bach cultivated during his lifetime, none has enjoyed more lasting influence than the prelude and fugue. In this recording, Joan Lippincott provides us with a beautifully rounded survey of Bach's mature preludes and fugues, from the Pièce d'Orgue, BWV 572, one of his boldest independent preludes, to the Prelude and Fugue in E Minor ("Wedge"), BWV 548, one of his most ambitious compostions for the organ. To round out the recording, Lippincott also includes the Canonic Variations on Vom Himmel hoch, a very late work, written at the same time Musical Offering The former principal organist of Grace Cathedral, Susan Jane Matthews presents the first recording of the cathedral's Æolian-Skinner organ in more than ten years. With a program of well-known English, French, and American works, Matthews demonstrates the wide variety of sounds possible from this landmark instrument, set in the acoustics of one of America's most grand, neo-Gothic spaces. Presented here are some of the organ works which were played by Susan Ferré during services at Pacific Lutheran University, from the first day of classes on September 11, through the year for more than 130 services, to the triumphant sending forth of Pentecost Sunday and Commencement Worship on May 26th, 2002. Equipped with one of the finest organs in the world, Lagerquist Hall provided the means for a wide range of musical expression during this unusual musical, and liturgical year.
Randall Thompson - The Light of Stars - Choral Arts Herbolsheimer- Let Us Sing Sweet Songs - Opus 7 Be Still My Soul - All Saints Beverly Hills - Dale Adelmann
Randall Thompson is one of the most important American composers of choral music. Writing in an unabashed Romantic style, this music is ideal for a choir like Choral Arts, which prides themselves in purity and breadth of choral sound. This recording contains Thompson’s “Alleluia,” probably the most popular American choral work ever written, as well as six works never before recorded. World Premiere Recording! A major collection of never-before-recorded music by Northwest composer Bern Herbolsheimer, performed in the beautiful acoustical setting of St. James Cathedral in Seattle. These lyrical works are interpreted with reverence and clarity by Opus 7 vocal ensemble under the direction of Loren Pontén. Opus 7 specializes in the performance of modern and contemporary works, and their previous recordings have received national praise. World Premiere Recordings! A stunning program of contemplative sacred texts set to some of the most beautiful singing we've heard. Slow, focused intensity creates a strong emotional response from many listeners, including us.  The Martin piece alone is worth the price of admission. With première recordings of new anthems by Craig Phillips and Roland Martin, this CD is also the first recording of the widely admired Choir of All Saints, Beverly Hills, under its new director, Dale Adelmann.
In Dialogue, v.1 - Robert Bates - David Yearsley The Young Bach - Harald Vogel How Excellent Thy Name Kimberly - Kimberly Marshall - Erik Conzius
The Young Bach/Vogel
Our Price: $18.98
Two extraordinary organists playing two extraordinary organs in dialogue might seem an over-abundance of riches. Yet it is possible that the great organists of earlier times enjoyed responding to each other across vast spaces. This new recording, which includes compositions by six masters of the North German School, recreates this sound and ambience using two mean-tone organs in Stanford's Memorial Church. THE YOUNG BACH reveals Bach, the teenager- a brilliant debut of talent that would change the organ world forever. Harald Vogel offers new insights into some of Bach's most popular early works, playing John Brombaugh's historically inspired instrument in Eugene, Oregon. Includes Bach's "Eight little Preludes and Fugues". "This recording honors the Jewish liturgical tradition of cantor with organ-- and a rising star of American cantors. The historic 1901 Murray Harris organ at Stanford University is the perfect instrument for this music, which is concentrated in the latter half of the 19th and early 20th centuries."
Complete Organ Works of Bruhns & Hanff - William Porter French on Flentrop - J. Melvin Butler Widor: Symphony gothique & Symphony romane - David Fuller
Organ Works Bruhns & Hanff/Porter
List Price: $18.98
Our Price: $18.98
William Porter, organist William Porter plays the complete works of Bruhns and Hanff on the spectacular organ of the Danish national cathedral. Restored to 1654 condition, the organ includes many pipes dating from one hundred years earlier. Saint Mark's Cathedral organist Mel Butler plays a program of French music, from de Grigny to Tournemire. Although it is a Dutch organ, the 1965 Flentrop is surprisingly well-suited to French repertoire. With an abundance of reeds, beautiful flutes and six seconds of reverberation, the organ renders French music in an highlyeffective, if not authentic style. Mel Butler lives a superb performance, which is captured with our proprietary 24-bit recording technology. Highly recommended! Titled after the architectural style of the two churches to which they were dedicated, the final two symphonies of Charles-Marie Widor represent his most arresting and original compositions for organ. Written as concert works, these symphonies pay homage to the church through the use of chant themes-the “Gothic” with the Christmas introit, Puer natus est nobis (“Unto us a Child is born”) and the “Romane” with the Easter gradual Haec dies quam fecit Dominus (“This is the day the Lord has made”). David Fuller is a well-known scholar of French music and brings these late works of Widor to life brilliantly in this recording.  24-bit Technology and extensive notes on the music and organ.
Scandinavian Christmas - Choral Arts - Richard Sparks Out of This World - Boston Brass - J. Melvin Butler Bach: One of a Kind - William Porter
The rich musical heritage of Scandinavia is represented by one of the finest choirs in the country. David Dahl also plays seven organ works on the new Fritts organ at PLU in Tacoma. 24-bit recording. The Boston Brass is paired with Mel Butler on the landmark Flentrop organ of St. Mark's Cathedral in Seattle for this sonic spectacular! "Blast Off" with the world premiere recordings of Bruce Edward Miller's Pluto: The Last Planet; land in stormy Seattle with "Here's That Rainy Day" (Jimmy van Heusen). Also included: Solemn Entry by Strauss, Poeme Heroique by Dupre and Grand Choeur Dialogue by Gigout. 24-bit recording.  
This is a CD of quality that should long be remembered. - The Organ magazine (UK)
This is the first nationally released CD recorded on the new Paul Fritts organ at PLU. Fritts' magnum opus, this spectacular organ has 54 stops/ 80 ranks on three manuals. The pedal division includes a full length 32' Posaune as well as a 32' Subbass. The combination of one of the finest organ builders and organists in the United States, 24-bit recording technology, and Lagerquist Hall's four-second reverberation time, make this CD a must-have! Our number one selling Bach organ CD.
Krebs: Clavierubung - William Porter Melodia - Joseph Adam The Great Contest - David Yearsley
Our Price: $18.98
The Clavier-Übung of Krebs is a collection of 39 pieces based upon 13 favorite chorales of the 18th century. This succession of short pieces provides ample material to bring the tonal resources of Pehr Schiorlin's organ to life. A favorite instrument of Albert Schweitzer, the organ of Gammalkil, Sweden is heard here on CD for the first time. St James' turn-of-the-century organ provides the ideal sound for this program of German (and Germanic-style) organ works. The generous acoustics of the cathedral enhance the sound of an organ which is rich in fundamental, and can project soaring melodies in the treble. What if the greatest keyboard players of the first half of the eighteenth century, Bach, Scarlatti, and Handel--all born the same year--had met in a contest pitting their devastating technical brilliance and quickness of invention each against the other? This recording imagines these three remarkable musicians competing on that most celestial of instruments, the organ; the organ being the large Fisk-Nanney at Stanford Memorial Church.
Bach Encounters Buxtehude - Kimberly Marshall Gentle - Words Tudor Choir - Douglas Fullington J.C. Bach: Sonatas for flute and fortepiano - Courtney Westcott - Byron Schenkman
Gentle Words/Tudor Choir
Our Price: $18.98
In the autumn of 1705, Johann Sebastian Bach traveled to Lübeck to learn what he could from the famous organist, Buxtehude. Accounts suggest that his organ playing changed dramatically. On this CD you can explore the often intangible links between these two composers, bringing together some of their most popular works for the organ. Shaker music is one of the richest bodies of folksong in American history and Kevin Siegfried's arrangements follow Shaker aesthetics of beauty, simplicity and utility. Sung by The Tudor Choir, this recording incorporates a variety of original choral arrangements, including unison singing and antiphonal performances.  One of the staff's favorite CDs... Two internationally acclaimed early-music specialists bring their considerable talents to bear on these lesser-known "accompanied" sonatas by J. C. Bach. Fortepianist Byron Schenkman---whose playing was recently called "dazzling!" by American Record Guide---and flutist Courtney Westcott present a program of this elegant and beautiful music that has been called the forerunner of the high Viennese style of Haydn and Mozart. Also includes the Sonata in C Minor for solo fortepiano.   Find out why Schenkman's intense performances have been compared with those of Vladimir Horowitz and Jimi Hendrix!
Music Sweet and Serious: Organ music of Jacob Praetorius and Heinrich Scheidemann - William Porter Decker Plays Decker, v.1 - Pamela Decker Great Organs of Japan v.1, Bach at Ferris University - Tomoko Miyamoto
Music Sweet and Serious/Porter (2 CDs!)
List Price: $24.98
Our Price: $18.98
You save $6.00!
Decker Plays Decker (v.1)
Our Price: $18.98
Two organists, both students of Sweelinck, dominated the organ scene in Hamburg in the early 1600's, but their temperaments and music are a study of contrasts. William Porter plays the landmark North German Organ of Gothenburg Sweden.  Includes demonstration-improvisations of individual stops of the organ. 2-CDs, extensive notes on the music and the organ. Full registrations are included.
Pamela Decker has won prizes in national and international competitions as both performer and composer. Her critically acclaimed compositions have been performed by various artists in at least eighteen countries, at national and regional conventions of the American Guild of Organists, and for many other festivals and conferences. This recording features the composer at the organ, playing works that incorporate influences as varied as Gregorian chant, chorale tunes, and American jazz and blues.  World Premiere Recordings! The first in the Loft Recordings series "Great Organs of Japan" features the Taylor & Boody organ at Ferris University, and showcases the artistry of J. S. Bach and organist Tomoko Miyamoto. The first large American tracker organ in Japan, this instrument has started a wave of new significant instruments by other great American builders, including C. B. Fisk and Brombaugh. Booklet in English and Japanese, with full specifications of the organ, and organ registrations.
Great Organs of Japan v.2: Toccata! - Hatsumi Miura Clemens non Papa: Requiem and Motets - Tudor Choir - Douglas Fullington Decker Plays Decker, v.2 - Pamela Decker
Decker Plays Decker, v.2
Our Price: $18.98
Great Organs of Japan, volume 2 C.B. Fisk organ Minato Mirai Hall, Yokohama Hatsumi Muira, organ The second in the Loft Recordings series "Great Organs of Japan" features the C. B. Fisk organ of Yokoyama Minato Mirai Hall, showcasing the artistry of organist Hatsumi Miura. The largest American tracker organ in Japan, this instrument is ideal for the two most famous toccatas ever written for the organ, which "bookend" this program. Includes the rarely performed Adagio assai for organ by Beethoven, Yamada's "Red dragonfly" in an arrangement by Guy Bovet, and Bovet's own satirical French Baroque Noël.  Hatsumi Miura is a well-known international concert artist and has been a featured soloist for several American Guild of Organist national conventions. Extensive booklet, with full specification of the organ. The Tudor Choir adds to its critically acclaimed collection of recordings with this new CD of music by Renaissance composer Jacob Clemens non Papa (c.1515-c.1555). Clemens composed in all of the expected genres of his time. Much of his music is infused with a personal quality that differs from the generally abstract nature of much Renaissance sacred music. The music on this disc is a survey of his Latin-texted sacred polyphony, including his intimate Requiem, plus a Magnificat setting and a sampling of motets. The pieces chosen for this recording reveal texts that portray such themes as relationships, family, and remembrance, and therefore demonstrate the unusual "personal" quality to be found in Clemens' works. Following the success of the first volume, composer Pamela Decker performs another program of her highly acclaimed work. Decker's definitive recordings were both made on the great 4M/58-stop Flentrop organ of St. Mark's Cathedral, Seattle. With six seconds of reverberation and 24-bit-recording technology, these CDs are audiophile gems as well as world-premiere recordings!
The Eastman Italian Baroque Organ - William Porter - Hans Davidsson - David Higgs Sowerby: Land of Rest - Robert Parris Bach Festival Chorales - Lynn Edwards Butler
Land of Rest/Parris
Our Price: $18.98
The only full-size Italian Baroque organ in North America, Eastman's newly installed and restored instrument reveals the exotic sounds of another culture and time. Played by three virtuosi of the school's faculty, the organ sounds as beautiful as it appears: a genuine work of art. The late organist Robert Parris presents a varied selection of works particularly suited to the new C. B. Fisk organ in Macon, Georgia. The program showcases the Fisk brand of eclecticism in a large two manual organ. The organ includes a range of historically derived sounds, which make the authentic performance of certain repertoire possible, but also allowing for a wide range of styles. At the center of the program is the American composer Leo Sowerby's seldom-recorded Prelude on "Land of Rest." This is the first recording on the new Richards & Fowkes organ in Deerfied, MA, an instrument inspired by the organs Bach would have known. Noted organologist Butler displays her mettle as the performer of this imaginative Bach program organized around the festival chorales of the liturgical year.

Pas de Dieu: Music Sublime and Spirited - Janette Fishell Recital at Ascension - Harald Vogel In Recital at Lagerquist Hall - Robert Bates
On this first recording of the "French symphonic" Fisk organ, opus 126, Janette Fishell plays a brilliant program that includes the world premiere of Ferko's Livre d'orgue. A superb acoustic also enhances stunning performances of the rarely heard Litaize and Duruflé's masterpiece on "Veni Creator." This CD documents the second recital given on the new Fritts organ at Church of the Ascension (Episcopal) in Seattle. German organ virtuoso Harald Vogel takes us on a tour of this new instrument built in 18th century Dutch and German traditions. Included in the program is Cantica Rustica Americana, presumably "discovered" by Herr Vogel and played for the first time in this recital. This theme and variations are based on a 17th-century American folksong that everyone will recognize. Robert Bates' recital took place on July 4 during the AGO 2000 Convention on the monumental organ built by Paul Fritts and Company for Lagerquist Hall at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington. Works from the German Baroque and the late 20th century are featured, including works by Buxtehude, Scheidt, Bach, Pärt, and Bates' own compositions.  
Thomsen Chapel Organ Recitals - J. Melvin Butler - Roger Sherman 1785 Schiörlin organ of Tryserum, Sweden - William Porter The Fenner Douglass Organ - Joan Lippincott
This recording documents the inaugural recitals given on the new Paul Fritts organ of Thomsen Chapel at St. Mark's Cathedral, Seattle in 2003. Based on north European practices of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, this beautiful organ has singing principals, piquant reeds, and luscious flutes. In addition there are a set of strings which give this organ a wide range of sonic possibilities not usually expected in a small, Baroque-style instrument. The program contains repertoire well-suited to a chapel organ, and includes the first recording of Toon Hagen's partita on 'Vater Unser im Himmelreich.' Features St. Mark's Cathedral organist and choirmaster J. Melvin Butler and associate organist Roger Sherman. The Schiörlin organ at Tryserum breathes new life into these works by Böhm, Bach, and Walther. A lively wind system, idiomatic voicing, and sensitive keyboard action make this organ sing in the hands of international artist William Porter. Joan Lippincott plays "The Bach Legacy," a program based on music by Bach and those inspired by him, on this new Taylor and Boody organ of Bower Chapel in Naples, Florida. Named for organist and scholar Fenner Douglass in November 2006, this three-manual organ is perfectly voiced for the beautiful acoustics of the chapel, and Lippincott’s registrations demonstrate some of the organ’s most compelling sounds.
Cleveland in Columbus - Douglas Cleveland Greater Love: The English choral and organ tradition - ECU Chamber Singers - Daniel Bara Promenade: Paintings of the Memorial Art Gallery - Edoardo Bellotti
Cleveland in Columbus
Our Price: $18.98
The first recording of the Fritts organ at St. Joseph Cathedral, Columbus, Ohio! Dedicated in December, 2006, this organ took more than two years to construct, consists of about 5,000 pipes, and ranks as one of the largest mechanicalaction organs in the United States. Gothic artist Douglas Cleveland, director of music at Plymouth Congregational in Seattle, “pulls out all the stops” in the organ’s vast tonal palette. The CD starts with a Battalia for the horizontal trumpet stop (located inside the pedal towers). The ECU Chamber Singers and organist Janette Fishell are conducted by Daniel Bara in these monuments of the English choral tradition. The choir’s sound is greatly enhanced by the sumptuous acoustics of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Greenville, and its large, new Fisk organ. Italian organ virtuoso Edoardo Bellotti creates this musical “promenade” based on a sampling of paintings at Rochester Memorial Art Gallery. Improvisations by Bellotti connect organ works by Frescobaldi, Pasquini, Vivaldi, and others, which are paired with seven paintings. Includes full-color images of the paintings and notes by Nancy Norwood, the museum’s Curator of European Art. Performed on the museum’s organ, the only full-size Italian Baroque organ in the Western hemisphere.
How Bright appears the Morning Star - St. Mark's Cathedral - J. Melvin Butler Hommage a Messiaen; La Nativite du Seigneur - Colin Andrews J.S. Bach: Weimar Preludes and Fugues/Lippincott
The chorale “Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern” (“How brightly shines the Morning Star”) is presented on this CD in a wide variety of musical styles, along with other hymns, anthems and voluntaries for the season of Epiphany. J. Melvin Butler directs the cathedral choir in this program of familiar–and unusual–works. Olivier Messiaen’s French-Catholic mysticism is reflected in his unique musical vocabulary—it forms the basis of one of the most important organ repertoires of the twentieth century. His “Nativity Suite” is one of the most popular of his early organ works, offering musical meditations on the themes and characters of the Christmas story. Also included is the premiere recording of Lionel Rogg’s "Hommage à Messiaen". Acclaimed organist Colin Andrews presents his own musical homage for the centenary of Messiaen’s birth (2008). (Part of the Complete Organ Works of Messiaen by Colin Andrews -- LRCD-1163) Bach's prelude and fugue compositions reached an extraordinary peak of sophistication and virtuosity during his tenure as court organist in Weimar (1708-1717). Joan Lippincott plays the Paul Fritts organ in a highly reverberant room that is not unlike the court chapel in Weimar.
Ja kyung Oh plays the Yokota/GOArt organ of Seoul, Korea Bach, Improvisations and the Liturgical Year/Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra Simple Gifts: Tudor Choir, Doug Fullington, director
Munetaka Yokota—researcher, designer, and organ builder at GOArt (the Göteborg Organ Art Center) at Göteborg University, Sweden—designed the organ at Korea National University of Arts (K'Arts) according to the style of Arp Schnitger and based on the extensive Schnitger research done by GOArt.  Yokota especially modeled this organ after an example of Schnitger's in Charlottenburg (Berlin), which demonstrates some significant differences from Schnitger's North German instruments.

K'Arts organist Ja kyung Oh is director of the Early Music Institute at K'Arts.
This recording documents a recital given by Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra on the Martin Pasi organ of Trinity Lutheran Church in Lynnwood, WA.  Compositions of J. S. Bach were organized by the liturgical year, and interspersed with Ruiter-Feenstra's own improvisations. Based on ideas found in Bach’s works and stemming from genres he most commonly used, her improvisations create new works using Bach’s compositional processes. In her roles as artist and teacher, Ruiter-Feenstra is a major advocate of improvisation and performance on historically-based instruments. A follow-up to their successful CD of Shaker tunes, “Gentle Words,” The Tudor Choir expands the repertoire to include other British and American music of simple character and enduring melody. “[The Tudor Choir’s] lovely shaping of phrases, impeccable intonation and unadorned, clean sound allow the words and music to become the Shaker “prayer language,” to free the mind from the world, to visit the soul.”—The Living Church
Frederick Swann Plays the Gillespie Concert Organ Les Corps Glorieux/Andrews Fantasie through Time - Marshall
Best-known as the former organist of The Crystal Cathedral, Frederick Swann delivers the premiere recording of the new Fisk organ in Costa Mesa, CA. Swann plays a diverse program specifically chosen to showcase the wide and colorful tonal spectrum of this superb new organ. Each of the seven movements of this powerful work presents a musical and theological statement, expressed in Messiaen’s unique musical vocabulary. The haunting opening creates a mystical, mantra-like atmosphere that lays the path for an hour of extraordinarily compelling music. Colin Andrews, a large Fisk organ, and the acoustics of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Greenville, NC, are the ideal ensemble for Messiaen’s mystical masterpiece. (Part of the Complete Organ Works of Messiaen by Colin Andrews -- LRCD-1163) Free bonus DVD! This compact disc includes a DVD of Kimberly Marshall playing the tracks from the CD on the Richards-Fowkes organ; also included are interviews with Dr. Marshall about the music, the organ, and the composers.   The new Richards-Fowkes organ in Scottsdale provides a wide variety of tonal resources for this historical exploration of Fantasies for organ on this, its premiere recording. Kimberly Marhsall is internationally known as an organist, and scholar. She currently is the Director of Arizona State University School of Music.
The Artistry of Frederick Swann - Frederick Swann Mornings Like This: Songs of Daybreak and Childhood - Choral Arts - Robert Bode The Music of Dan Locklair - Marilyn Keiser
Frederick Swann plays selections on the recently restored four-manual Casavant organ in Memorial Chapel at the University of Redlands (CA). The "Pure Sound" of Choral Arts under their new director, Robert Bode presents several world premiere recordings, including The Dream Keeper, a piece in four movements, each featuring a different text from Langston Hughes. Other pieces feature the poetry of Dylan Thomas, Walt Whitman and the conductor of Choral Arts, Robert Bode. Dan Locklair is one of America's most widely performed composers. His music has been performed at Presidential inaugurations and funerals, and he was named Composer of the Year by the American Guild of Organists. Marilyn Keiser has long been a champion of his organ music and presents here the definitive performances of his most popular works.
Christmas at America's First Cathedral Washington National Cathedral Eternal Light - ECU Chamber Singers / Bara
In addition to familiar seasonal music by Mendelssohn, Handel, Rutter, and others, "Christmas at America’s First Cathedral" features music from South Africa, Canada, and the United States, including the premiere recordings of seven new works by two of America’s most important African American composers, Dr. Rosephanye Powell and Dr. James Lee III. Scott Dettra presents a program of large-organ favorites on this, the final recording of the Washington National Cathedral's Great Organ. One of America's great university choirs premieres new sacred works for choir and single instruments. Recorded in the sumptuous acoustics of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Greenville, NC.
J.S. Bach: Concerto Transcriptions/Lippincott The Craighead-Saunders Organ Les Corps Glorieux/Andrews
This unusual recording celebrates 30 years of Joan Lippincott's Bach recordings on Gothic, and includes her own dazzling transcription of the Bach/Vivaldi concerto for four harpsichords. The three organ professors of The Eastman School of Music demostrate the new Craighead-Saunders organ, modeled after 1776 Caspirini organ of Vilnius, Lithuania---one of the best preserved late-baroque organs in all of Europe.  Bach through Mendelssohn is the core of this program, which also includes newly commissioned works by Stephen Kennedy and Martin Herchenröder. Colin Andrews, a large Fisk organ, and the acoustics of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Greenville, NC, are the ideal ensemble for Messiaen’s most popular organ work, the Ascension Suite, and his evocative Mass for Pentecost. (Part of the Complete Organ Works of Messiaen by Colin Andrews -- LRCD-1163)
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