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The Wanamaker Legacy - Peter Richard Conte My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice
The music on this disc is all closely associated with The Wanamaker Organ, arguably the greatest symphonic organ ever built. John and Rodman Wanamaker left us, as their legacy, the very pinnacle of symphonic organ design; over the past century, many of the world's leading organists have made pilgrimages to perform on this great instrument. Several have composed works especially for the Wanamaker organ, inspired by its truly unique and wonderfully rich, warm character, and by the splendor of its unparalleled palette of orchestral color. Full color booklet explaining the history of the organ and all the famous organists who played there. Full specifications of the organ, and detailed articles on its history. "Don't wait. Get it now. Fabulous!" - The American Organist The lyrical, soulful sound of the flugelhorn is paired with the orchestral rich colors of the Wanamaker organ in this beautiful recording. Popular melodies abound, from the "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" theme to Debussy's "Clair de Lune."
American Fantasia / Robinson
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The iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall organ's rich textures are demonstrated in this dramatic program by Daryl Robinson. Included are world premiere recordings by Aaron David Miller, Jeffrey Brillhart, David Briggs, Jason Roberts and George Baker. Made by Glatter-Gotz and Manuel Rosales, the Disney Hall organ is heard here in its first commercially available recording.