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Music Sweet and Serious: Organ music of Jacob Praetorius and Heinrich Scheidemann - William Porter Bach: Leipzig Chorales - Christa Rakich Berlioz Requiem - Washington Chorus - Shafer
Music Sweet and Serious/Porter (2 CDs!)
List Price: $24.98
Our Price: $18.98
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Bach: Leipzig Chorales/Rakich (2 CDs!)
List Price: $24.98
Our Price: $19.98
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Berlioz: Requiem/Washington Chorus (2 CDs!)
List Price: $24.98
Our Price: $19.98
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Two organists, both students of Sweelinck, dominated the organ scene in Hamburg in the early 1600's, but their temperaments and music are a study of contrasts. William Porter plays the landmark North German Organ of Gothenburg Sweden.  Includes demonstration-improvisations of individual stops of the organ. 2-CDs, extensive notes on the music and the organ. Full registrations are included.
A two-disc program of Bach's famous "Great Eighteen," performed by acclaimed organist Christa Rakich on two very different organs -- the Fisk organ of Old West Church in Boston, and the Fritts organ at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA. The booklet contains program notes by the artist as well as full organ specifications and registrations. The Grammy® award-winning Washington Chorus and Orchestra join forces with the Shenandoah Conservatory Choir in this performance of Berlioz’s Requiem, op.5, recorded live at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. In its intensity, massive scale, and lyricism, the Requiem represents the height of French Romanticism, and remains one of the most awe-inspiring works in the history of music.
J.S. Bach: Art of Fugue - Joan Lippincott Hymns Through Centuries volumes 1 & 2 - Cathedral Choral Society - J. Reilly Lewis Mathias Weckman Complete organ works - Hans Davidsson
Bach: Art of Fugue/Lippincott (2 CDs!)
List Price: $24.98
Our Price: $19.98
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Hymns through the Centuries vol. 1 & 2/Cathedral Choral Society (2 CDs!)
List Price: $37.96
Our Price: $24.98
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Complete Works of Weckman/Hans Davidsson (3 CDs!)
List Price: $34.98
Our Price: $29.98
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Few organists are as well known or as highly praised for their Bach recordings as Joan Lippincott. Performing on the newly-constructed Craighead-Saunders organ (closely modeled after a 1776 instrument by the central German organbuilder, Casparini), Lippincott brings a maturity of vision to Art of Fugue that is based on a lifetime of distinguished interpretations and insights into Bach's organ works.  "Lippincott's wide variety of tempos, colors and moods make this possibly the most enduring Art of Fugue ever recorded...highly recommended!" -- Fanfare magazine A special price on our two most popular hymn CDs. Great hymns from the broad church tradition sung by a large choir in a monumental space with a large organ. You will be singing along—guaranteed!

Includes "Ye watchers and ye holy ones," "A mighty fortress is our God," "O sacred head," "All glory, laud and honor," "Abide with me," "Rock of Ages" and many other favorites.
All components make this the ultimate organ CD, with two booklets comprising 56-pages of detailed information on registrations, the organ, Weckman, and his music. Organist of the Jacobi Church in Hamburg, Matthias Weckman (sometimes spelled Weckmann) was a student of Heinrich Schütz and Jacob Praetorius II. He combined elements from a wide variety of musical languages to create a clear and complex style all his own. Hans Davidsson is the world's leading Weckman scholar and this recording is the first to use Weckman's original registrations.
Complete Organ Works of Jehan Titelouze / Bates (3 CDs!) Viaticum - Robert Bates Georg Böhm: Complete Organ Works (3 CDs)
Complete Organ Works of Jehan Titelouze / Bates (3 CDs!)
List Price: $34.98
Our Price: $29.98
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Viaticum/Robert Bates (3 CDs!)
List Price: $34.98
Our Price: $29.98
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Georg Böhm: Complete Organ Works (3 CDs)
List Price: $39.98
Our Price: $29.98
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Robert Bates plays the restored 1630 organ of Saint-Michel Church in Bolbec, France in this first recording of the complete organ works of Jehan Titelouze. Known as "the father of French organ music", Titelouze was organist of the cathedral in Rouen and was one of the earliest to publish organ music in France. This is the first recording of his complete organ works and his been awarded the prestigious German Music Critics Award: "Robert Bates peforms brilliantly on the  restored 1630 organ at Saint-Michel in the Norman Bolbec. The instrument offers ideal conditions for Titelouze’s great art of counterpoint, and Bates  skillfully and imaginatively exploits all these possibilities. The magnificent organ sound is captured full of rigour, poetry and depth by perfect recording technology revealing all dimensions of the Church space." This unusual CD documents a tri-part program of 20th-century music, organized and composed by Robert Bates.  It includes many world premier recordings. With interspersed spoken texts and imaginative programming, Bates explores the nature of the world and ourselves, through verbal themes and non-verbal sound paintings. Music by Bates, Ligetti, Pärt, Guillo, Alain, Hampton, Tower, Demessieux and Messaien. This is the most unusual organ recording in our collection, and it is a masterpiece of invention, symbolism and imagination.
Includes 24-page book on the music and organs used, plus a 16-page graphical audience score.  The Universe Within: A Journey of the Mind-- A Journey of the Body---Life after Life: A Journey of the Soul
The first recording of Georg Böhm's (Boehm, Bohm) complete organ works performed on a large, four-manual organ, similar to the Schnitger organs in Hamburg that inspired his stylistically diverse compositions. Later Boehm became mentor to the young J.S. Bach in Luneburg.

This product includes a free YouTube hosted video by the Davidsson Organ and Dance Collaborative. For details on this video and its role in the performance of this CD collection, see the article in the on-line PDF booklet.
Vierne Symphonies (4 CDs) - Martin Jean Garrison Keillor & VocalEssence Complete organ works Correa/Bates (5 CDs!)
Complete Vierne Symphonies/Martin Jean (4 CDs)
List Price: $44.98
Our Price: $39.98
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Complete organ works Correa/Bates (5 CDs!)
List Price: $69.98
Our Price: $49.98
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Schooled by both Franck and Widor, Louis Vierne brought the great French Romantic organ symphony to its zenith. Martin Jean brings these masterworks to life, using the full spectrum of sound available on Woolsey Hall's great organ. A combination of the three Garrison Keillor/VocalEssence titles (5 CDs total)! "Over the River and Through the Woods", "Hymn to Potatoes" and "Gratitude, Gravy and Garrison" The Complete Organ Works of Correa de Arauxo---the first recording of hiss complete works in the New World. Using three 17th-century organs in Oaxaca, Mexico and two new organs in Spanish Baroque style in California, Robert Bates offers new insights in this neglected organ repertoire. Five CDs, and a 120 page full color book, in both Spanish and English.
Buxtehude Organ Works - The Complete Collection/Hans Davidsson The Complete Dale Warland Singers on Gothic! The Complete Frederick Swann on Gothic!
Buxtehude Organ Works - Complete (7 CDs!)/Davidsson
List Price: $89.94
Our Price: $59.98
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The Complete Dale Warland Singers on Gothic!
List Price: $151.84
Our Price: $79.98
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The Complete Frederick Swann on Gothic!
List Price: $85.36
Our Price: $85.36
Recent research shows that Buxtehude had only mean-tone organs at his disposal during his life. Although there are many good recordings on well-tempered organs (including some antiques), performing these works on mean-tone instruments requires both a radical re-assessment of traditional performance ideas and a large and extraordinary organ. Hans Davidsson is the ideal performer for this task, and he plays the huge “North German Baroque Organ” of Gothenburg, Sweden. The complete organ works are recorded here in three volumes totaling 7 compact discs.
The Complete set of Dale Warland Singers recordings on Gothic Records! Includes all eight albums The Complete Frederick Swann on Gothic!
Messiaen: Complete Organ Works / Andrews (8 CDs!) The Complete Joan Lippincott on Gothic! Complete Lippincott Bach set on Gothic!
Messiaen: Complete Organ Works / Andrews (8 CDs!)
List Price: $163.66
Our Price: $98.98
You save $64.68!
The Complete Joan Lippincott on Gothic! 12 titles
List Price: $99.98
Our Price: $99.98
A monumental acheivement---Colin Andrews is one of only a handful of organists that has recorded Messiaen's complete works for organ. This recording is also the first of Messiaen's complete works to be recorded on American organs, both built by C. B. Fisk.  "Andrews is a master at capturing the grandeur, spaciousness and reverence of this music, and he offers new and compelling interpretations. He is not afraid to explore what Messiaen himself described as ‘extremely delicate variations of rhythm and tempo’ – inflections that are intensely personal, impossible to notate or replicate and are frequently captivating. The enormous variety of touches called for across the cycle are worthy of mention, most notably a wonderfully smooth legato...The recording quality is excellent, with Roger Sherman from Loft expertly negotiating the challenge of recording organs in resonant rooms, balancing clarity with spaciousness...Highly recommended." - Sydney Organ Journal The Complete Joan Lippincott on Gothic! Includes all ten albums. The Joan Lippincott Bach Set on Gothic! Includes eight of her highly acclaimed Bach recordings.