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Fanfare - Gerre Hancock With Heart and Voice - Trinity Church Boston 20th-century Organ Music Two - Ray and Elizabeth Chenault
Fanfare/G. Hancock
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With Heart & Voice / Choir of Trinity Church, Boston
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20th Century Organ Music for Two, v.2/Chenaults
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A master of improvisation in Anglican style, Gerre Hancock, plays the great organ of St Thomas Church in NYC. Also includes works by Bach, de Grigny, and Reger. Historic Trinity Church on Copley Square in Boston is the setting for this program of choral music.  A generous amount of music from the Anglican tradition included, but what makes this recording distinctive is the inclusion of music from other traditions, including the spiritual There is a Balm in Gilead, the F. Melius Christiansen arrangement of Beautiful Saviour, and the only recording of the Victorian classic, "The Holy City" that we are aware of. World Premiere Recordings! Organ duo Elizabeth and Raymond Chenault perform a recital of world premiers, many of which they commissioned. At their disposal is the large E. M. Skinner organ of the National Cathedral, later enlarged by Aeolian-Skinner. Ends with a rousing rendition of Sousa's Stars and Stripes Forever.
The Riverside Years - Frederick Swann Frederick Swann in Hawaii Christmas Improvisations - Gerre Hancock
The Riverside Years/Swann
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Frederick Swann in Hawaii, v.1
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Christmas Improvisations/G. Hancock
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Frederick Swann was Director of Music and Organist of the Riverside Church in New York for 25 years, prior to assuming a similar position at the Crystal Cathedral in California. This CD is a re-mastering of two recordings he made at Riverside in 1978 and 1979. The church is monumental in size, with a seating capacity of 2500. For this gargantuan sized room, there are two appropriately sized Aeolian-Skinner organs, which together total 203 ranks and more than 11,000 pipes. St. Andrew's Cathedral in Honolulu was the idea of King Kamehameha IV, and was completed in 1867.Today, it houseslargest organ in the Pacific. Built in 1961 the Aeolian-Skinner organ (4/73) was enlarged in 1995/96 with 54 digital ranks, bringing the total to 133. America's favorite concert organist, Frederick Swann plays a varied recital which begins with the theme from "Masterpiece Theatre." Gerre Hancock was simply one of the most extraordinary improvisers in the organ world  .Although his musical studies have been with Nadia Boulanger, Jean Langlais, Searle Wright, and Marie-Claire Alain, his own style is unique. In this recording he shows off the two distinguished organs of St. Thomas Church in New York City, using musical themes from Christmas carols and plainsong melodies.
Judith Hancock - St. Thomas Church NYC David Higgs at Riverside Sounds of Light - Trinity Church, Boston
Judith Hancock/St. Thomas Church, NYC
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David Higgs at Riverside
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Sounds of Light / Choir of Trinity Church, Boston
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Judith Hancock has earned an enviable reputation as a performer of Romantic music. In this recording she contrasts the Antiphons of Dupré, first improvised at a vespers service in 1919 at Notre Dame, with the supremely challenging music of Czech composer, Petr Eben. David's Higgs is Professor of Organ at the Eastman School of Music, and widely admired for both his extraordinary technique, but his ability to communicate to audiences. This unusual program at The Riverside Church includes rarely played works by jazz pianist, George Shearing, David Conte, Alainand William Bolcom, but is anchored by barn-burning favorites by Mendelssohn, and Franck, concluding with a thrilling performance of the Duruflé Suite. A program of classic choral works from the 16th to the 20th century, from Byrd to Tavener, this recording also includes new settings of familiar texts, such as “This little light of mine” and “God so loved the World.” Boston’s Trinity Choir is a critically acclaimed ensemble that has been hailed as “one of North America’s treasures” by
French Masterworks at St. John Divine - Jonathan Dimmock John Walker, Organist at the Riverside Church NYC Sound from Heaven/Washington National Cathedral
French Masterworks from St. John the Divine/Dimmock
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John Walker, Organist, The Riverside Church, NYC
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The definitive recording of the magnificent Aeolian-Skinner at St. John the Divine!  Dimmock shows the genius of tonal design with this instrument and uses the acoustics of the world’s largest gothic cathedral to best advantage. Also includes the only piece which Langlais wrote for St. John the Divine’s organ and its State Trumpet. The piece is dedicated to Mr. Dimmock. This historic recording of John Walker was made in 1985 and features big works in the French style. This recording brings together a splendid tapestry of music from the Franco-Belgian tradition, including traditional Gregorian chant, monody from the Notre Dame Conductus which flourished in Paris circa 1200, and the medieval "Messe de Tournai." This music is paired with the excerpts from the Pentecost Mass for organ by Olivier Messiaen, the 20th century Roman Catholic mystic; also Messiaen's choral motet, "O Sacrum Convivium," and music from the Cathedral's 53-bell carillon.
A Centennial Celebration/Washington National Cathedral Washington National Cathedral 20th-21st-century Music for Two - Ray and Elizabeth Chenault
A Centennial Celebration/Washington National Cathedral
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20th-21st Century Organ Music for Two, v.4/Chenaults
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Music from Organists and Choirmasters at the Washington National Cathedral from 1907 to 2007. Scott Dettra presents a program of large-organ favorites on this, the final recording of the Washington National Cathedral's Great Organ. World Premiere Recordings!  The Chenaults play newly commissioned works for two in their fourth volume on Gothic. Every work is a world premiere recording on this disc. This recording features the Aeolian-Skinner organs at the Washington National Cathedral, and at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Amarillo, TX.
Music for All Saints American Canticle / Cathedral of St Philip (Atlanta) Adelmann More Chosen Tunes - Susan Jane Matthews
American Canticle / Cathedral of St Philip (Atlanta) Adelmann
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More Chosen Tunes/Matthews
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The Choirs of the Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta present a heavenly foretaste of music for the Feast of All Saints. The two canticles for Anglican Evensong, Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis, are presented here in diverse settings by American composers including Craig Phillips, Roland Martin, Leo Sowerby, Gerald Near, Howard Helvey and Harold Friedell. Also included are first recordings of Craig Phillips’ Jubilate Deo and Larry King’s A Canticle of Praise. Performed by the choirs of the Cathedral of St. Philip (Atlanta) with brass and percussion from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Dale Adelmann directs; David Fishburn and Patrick Scott are the organists. The former principal organist of Grace Cathedral, Susan Jane Matthews presents her second recording on the landmark Aeolian-Skinner organ of Grace Cathedral. Recorded with DXD technology, Susan Jane Matthews reveals the extraordinary tonal resources of this historic instrument, set in an acoustic with power bass and long reverberation.
Christ Cathedral Dedication / Romeri The Anglo-American Classic Organ/Dettra Tidings of Comfort & Joy / Choirs of St Philip (Atlanta) Adelmann
July 17, 2019 marked the day Christ Cathedral (formerly the Crystal Cathedral) was dedicated to be the liturgical and artistic center for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange. The music for that service is presented here, which includes many original works commissioned for the occasion.
Scott Dettra plays a varied program on the Anglo-American Classic organ of Church of the Incarnation (Dallas). Formerly organist of the Washington National Cathedral, Dettra is acclaimed as one of America's leading concert organists.
This recording provides a glimpse of both festive and intimate sounds heard during the season of Christmas at the Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta. Included are premier recordings by Craig Phillips, Charles Beaudrot, Frank Boles, Stephen Paulus and Howard Helvey. Brass and percussion from the Atlanta Symphony join the choirs.
Organ Music for Two v. 5/Chenaults Music for a Cathedral Virgil Fox Memorial Concert
Organ Music for Two, v.5 / Chenaults
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Music for a Cathedral
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Virgil Fox Memorial Concert/Various artists (2-CDs!)
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Organ music for two, vol 5
Elizabeth and Raymond Chenault
Cathedral of St Philip (Atlanta)

World Premiere Recordings!
Performed by Joan Lippincott, the music of Gigout, Leighton, Vierne, Franck, Davies and Widor fill the enormous Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City. The original 1910 Skinner organ was renovated in 1954. Program Host—J. MICHAEL BARONE, host of the Pipedreams radio program Remarks—RICHARD TORRENCE, Virgil Fox’s Concert Manager  A remarkable concert and tribute to Virgil Fox, recorded at The Riverside Church, October 8, 2000. The list of performers include former students and prominent organists who were greatly influenced by Fox's charisma and musicianship.
The Riverside Years "The Choir" - Frederick Swann The Hazel Wright Organ (book)
The Riverside Years, v.2 (The Choir)/Swann (3 CDs!)
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The Hazel Wright Organ (book)
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Frederick Swann's 25 years as Music Director and Organist at Riverside were a high point in the musical life of this prominent church. This second volume highlights his role as director of the choir and is exerpted from services and live performances. Both anthems and hymns for the seasons of Christmas and Passiontide are featured here, and include some thrilling musical episodes. Three CDs at a special price!
The Hazel Wright Organ book is now available for purchase directly from Christ Cathedral Gift Shop. Note the web address here:

Few pipe organs in history have received as much attention as the iconic Fratelli Ruffatti instrument dedicated in May, 1982. This 178-page book tells the story leading up to the recent restoration following the Dioceses of Orange's acquisition. The content, by David Crean, describes the organ's history and the cathedral's music programming, highlighted by historical photographs, interviews with key players, and complete organ specifications, plus a list of all concert programs and performers from 1982-1998.