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The Office of Compline is the last of eight daily sung services prescribed for monastic orders since the founding on the Benedictines. Sung just before going to bed, the service is full of imagery equating night with death, and Jesus with light. The hymn for Compline, Te lucis ante terminum ("Before the light at end of day") and the canticle Nunc Dimittis (the Song of Simeon, sung just before his death) are standard features in a Compline service. Ancient orders for this service ended with an elaborate chant devote to the Virgin Mary.

Listed below are recordings of the Compline service and its music, or recordings by choirs who sing the Office of Compline as their primary activity.
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Annotated Compline - Roger Sherman - Peter Hallock The Compline Choir
Annotated Compline
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I Will Meditate/Compline Choir/Anderson
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This edition of the Organ Loft radio program with host Roger Sherman was first aired in January, 1995. It includes excerpts from The Compline Choir's CD, "Feathers of Green Gold" (CD 7003) with an annotated version of the Compline service, and an interview with Peter Hallock about the history of the Compline service at St. Mark's.  Since its founding in 1954, the all-male Compline Choir has sung the medieval Office of Compline in a dark Cathedral on Sunday nights. The success of this service and its appeal to young people has sparked a worldwide revival of interest in Compline. The worldwide revival of Compline, a late-night service dating from early Christian times, began with this choir and the vision of its founder, Peter Hallock. Today, hundreds of young people fill Saint Mark’s Cathedral (Seattle) every Sunday night to hear this choir, and they are joined by thousands who hear Compline over radio and the Internet. This recording honors the musical craft of Peter Hallock and Richard Proulx, who wrote much of the music sung by this choir since its founding in the mid-1950s.