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The Craighead-Saunders Organ in Christ Church, Rochester is the newest instrument in the collection at the Eastman School of Music. The organ is the result of an eight-year international research project documenting and copying the 1776 organ by Adam Gottlob Casparini (1715-1788) in the Holy Ghost Church in Vilnius, Lithuania, one of the best preserved late-baroque organs in all of Europe. After a thorough documentation of the original instrument, a team from GOArt, at Gothenburg University in Sweden, led by Mats Arvidsson and Munetaka Yokota, worked closely with the Eastman School of Music and a group of some of the finest organbuilders in America (Steven Dieck, Paul Fritts, Bruce Fowkes, Martin Pasi, and George Taylor) to produce the first research instrument after Casparini anywhere in the world, and the first large-scale historical reconstruction at this level in America. The instrument opens a new window on the aesthetics of the Enlightenment Era and on the organ music of an often-ignored period, while at the same time helping us experience well-known repertoires from Bach to Mendelssohn in a new light.

The Specification of the Craighead-Saunders Organ in Christ Church, Rochester, modeled after the 1776 Adam Gottlob Casparini organ in Vilnius, Lithuania, as it appears on the organ:.


Octava Principal. 4.
Flaut Travers. 4.
Super Octava. 2.
Qvinta. 5.
Flasch Flot. 2.
Tertia. 1 3/5
Mixtura. 5. Choris.
Trompet. 8.

Claviatura Secunda

I U L A. 8.
Principal Amalel. 8.
Unda Maris. 8.
Flaut Major. 8.
Flaut Minor. 4.
Spiel Flet. 4.
Octava. 2.
Wald Flot. 2.
Mixtura. 4. Choris.
Dulcian. 16.
Vox Humana. 8.

P E D A L.

Principal Bass. 16.
Violon Bass. 16.
Full Bass. 12.
Octava Bass. 8.
Flaut & Quint Bass. 8.
Super Octava Bass. 4.
Posaun Bass. 16.
Trompet Bass. 8.


Ventil ad Claviaturam Primam.
Ventil ad Claviaturam Secundum.
Ventil Pedall.
Two tremulants
BEBNY. (Drum)
Vox Campanarum (Glockenspiel)
Gwiazdy. (Cymbelstern)
Kalilujactgo. (Calcant)
Pedal Coupler (Claviatura Prima to Pedal)
Shove Coupler (Claviatura Secunda to Claviatura Prima)
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The Craighead-Saunders Organ Mendelssohn Rarities
The Craighead-Saunders Organ at Eastman/Higgs, Davidsson, Porter
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Mendelssohn Rarities/Schola Cantorum
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The three organ professors of The Eastman School of Music demostrate the new Craighead-Saunders organ, modeled after 1776 Caspirini organ of Vilnius, Lithuania---one of the best preserved late-baroque organs in all of Europe.  Bach through Mendelssohn is the core of this program, which also includes newly commissioned works by Stephen Kennedy and Martin Herchenrder. Hailed as "the greatest child prodigy the history of Western music has ever known (Charles Rosen), Mendelssohn wrote for the organ from the age of 11. New appraisals of his less-commonly performed organ and choral works reveal gems equal to his most beloved compositions.

Performed on the new Craighead-Saunders organ of the Eastman School of Music, with the Schola Cantorum of Christ Church.