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Fantasie through Time - Marshall Around the Wanamaker Organ in 80 Minutes
Around the Wanamaker Organ in 80 Minutes
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Free bonus DVD! This compact disc includes a DVD of Kimberly Marshall playing the tracks from the CD on the Richards-Fowkes organ; also included are interviews with Dr. Marshall about the music, the organ, and the composers.   The new Richards-Fowkes organ in Scottsdale provides a wide variety of tonal resources for this historical exploration of Fantasies for organ on this, its premiere recording. Kimberly Marhsall is internationally known as an organist, and scholar. She currently is the Director of Arizona State University School of Music. Tour the cavernous Wanamaker pipe chambers! Explore the historic Wanamaker store! Sample the sound of the stops! Revisit the history of the organ! Thrill of selections by Peter Richard Conte and Keith Chapman on the world's largest playing pipe organ --- 28,482

Produced by Friends of the Wanamaker, this DVD provides the enthusiast with a detail view of the insides of the organ, and recent renovations to this unique instrument.