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Harald Vogel's landmark recording of the complete organ works of Buxtehude! Made in the late 1980's and early 90's Vogel plays on the finest restored antique organs of North Germany and the Netherlands.  Carefully chosen instruments, and a new, more fundamental understanding of the music instantly made these recordings definitive. Recording quality is excellent, even by contemporary standards.  These CDs are now very hard to obtain.  We get small quantities of them at a time, and they sell out quickly.

"One would be hard pressed to fine a more authoritative rendition of these works by Buxtehude ... destined to become the definitive recordings of one of the most important and influential composers of organ music." (Diapason)

"The time has come to acknowledge that Harald Vogel has won the title of King of the Buxtehude players." (Fanfare)

"Listen to how Vogel uses these sounds, how they serve the music so precisely, how not only their colors and their attack/release characteristics but also their physical locations are conveyed by the recording." (Musical America)

"...undisputably world-class: Harald Vogel on MDG." (Fanfare)

For more details on individual recordings, including the organs used and the pieces played, click on the album covers below.