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Choir organ of the Grote of St. Andreaskerk
Hattem, the Netherlands


Prestant 8’
Holpijp 8’
Octaaf 4’
Roerfluit 4’
Octaaf 2’
Fluit 2’
Mixtuur 4 st.
Tertiaan D 2 st. (descant)
Trompet 8’

Pitch: a’ = 440 Hz

Temperament: Meantone
Compass of Manual: CDEFGA-c’’’
Compass of Pedal: CDEFGA-g
Windsupply: three wedge-bellows
Windpressure: 87 MM.

The following 16th C. stops were, partly or in full, preserved; sometimes used elsewhere in the organ:

Prestant 8’, Octaaf 4’, Mixtuur, Holpijp 8’, Openfluit 4’, Gemshoorn 2’, Nasard 22/3’(?), Sifflet 1’(?) and Trompet 8’.

The windchest and the rollerboard are presumed to date from 1625. At the time the compass must have been brought up to CDEFGA-g’’-a’’. Jan Slegel has added the a’’ – c’’’ part.

Dates and builders:

1. appr. 1550 builder unknown
2. appr. 1625 supposedly Jan Slegel II
3. 1677 Jan Slegel III
- Extensive renovation, whereby pipework from 16th C. (supp. by C. and M. Slegel) was installed in the excisting case -

4. 1875 Zwier van Dijk

- added a Prestant 16’.
- new Trompet 8’, with the use of many old blocks and shallots.
- new console.
- change of temperament.
- bayleaf upperlips in frontpipes replaced by french, raised mouths.

5. 1974 D.A. Flentrop

- restoration, mainly of the situation of 1677.
- The Trompet 8’ from 1875 was maintained.
- meantone temperament re-installed, console reconstructed, original painting of the doors restored.
- pipework restoration, some pipes needed re-building (Tertiaan D II and Mixtuur)

6. 1994 Flentrop Orgelbouw

- general overhaul and cleaning.

Organcase: approx. 1550.

The age of the case is disputed. Mostly 1625 is given as the date, but historical research by the architect D. Spoel in 1974 came up with approx. 1550. Jan van Biezen, in his publication of 1995, opts for the early 17th C. Comparative material is not available: There are almost no organs of a similar construction left from the 16th, early 17th C.. The date of the organ gallery is definitely known to be 1550.
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