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Kimberly Marshall is known worldwide for her compelling programs and presentations of organ music. She is an accomplished teacher, having held positions at the Royal Academy of Music, London, and Stanford University, California. Winner of the St. Albans Competition in 1985, she has been invited to play in prestigious venues and has recorded for Radio-France, the BBC, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and numerous American stations. She holds the Patricia and Leonard Goldman Endowed Professorship in Organ at Arizona State University and the Hedda Andersson Visiting Professorship at the Malmö Academy of Music.

Marshall has performed and presented her research at 11 national conventions of the AGO. A review of her recital in Washington, DC in July 2010 praised her as “a multi-faceted musician” who “pushed the organ to its limit with her virtuosic demands in playing and registration….This was a royal performance by one of our royalty!” During the summer of 2013, she appeared in Amsterdam, Seoul and Sweden; in 2014, she was a featured artist on performance series in England, Germany, France, New York and San Diego. A highlight of 2015 was Marshall’s concert on the earliest surviving instrument in the Netherlands, built in 1511. In 2016, she played recitals in Philadelphia, Bolivia, Amsterdam and Vienna, while her engagements in 2017 included the opening recital for the AGO regional convention in Salt Lake City and an inaugural recital of the new Fritts organ for the Basilica at the University of Notre-Dame. In July 2018, she was chosen as the organ soloist with orchestra for the final concert of the AGO national convention in the Kauffman Center, Kansas City, where she was extolled for “the ease and facility” with which she performed the “virtuosic pedal cadenza.” (The American Organist, Oct 2018).

In 2019, Kimberly Marshall inaugurated the new Klais organ in St. Petri Cathedral, Malmö, the largest instrument in Scandinavia. She appeared at the Boston Early Music Festival and gave the opening concert for the national convention of the Organ Historical Society in Dallas. Her expertise in early Spanish and Italian repertoire was acknowledged by invitations to perform on the Spanish baroque-style organ at Oberlin Conservatory and the Italian-baroque inspired organ at Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati.

Performer, scholar, and educator, Kimberly Marshall is a committed advocate of the organ. She works to promote the instrument in both local and global communities. She is regularly consulted by churches searching for organists and music directors, as well as by institutions seeking advice on instrument installations. She is the advisor on organs for the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix and has made videos in Guanajuato (Mexico), Toulouse (France) and Florence (Italy) for their exhibits. An authority on the organ’s rich history over the past 2000 years, she is devoted to continuing this tradition of artistic ingenuity into the next millennium.

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Kimberly Marshall plays Frescobaldi - Digital Album Recital in Handel's Church - Digital Download How Excellent Thy Name Kimberly - Kimberly Marshall - Erik Conzius
Recital in Handel's Church - Digital Download
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How Excellent is Thy Name/Marshall & Conzius
Our Price: $18.98 - includes Free Shipping!
There are only a handful of authentic Italian Baroque organs in the Western hemisphere. This new restoration of the 1742 Traeri organ by Martin Pasi opens a world of sound which has rarely been heard by American audiences. The first recording made on the new Richards-Fowkes organ in Handel's parish church in London! Kimberly Marshall plays a program of Handelian themes, and Bach. The new organ is the first American-built instrument in London. "This recording honors the Jewish liturgical tradition of cantor with organ-- and a rising star of American cantors. The historic 1901 Murray Harris organ at Stanford University is the perfect instrument for this music, which is concentrated in the latter half of the 19th and early 20th centuries."
Divine Euterpe: Music by Women - Kimberly Marshall Bach and the Italian Influence - Kimberly Marshall Bach and the French Influence - Kimberly Marshall
Divine Euterpe: Music by Women/Marshall
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Bach and the Italian Influence/Marshall
Our Price: $18.98 - includes Free Shipping!
Bach and the French Influence/Marshall
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This recording traces the works of female composers from Medieval times through the twentieth century. Played on the Rosales organ of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Portland, Oregon, this program includes some music never before recorded on compact disc. Featured composers include Elfrida Andree, Florence Price, Ethel Smyth, and Fanny Mendelssohn. "Bach and the Italian Influence" explores the Italian influences on Bach, and is presented by organ scholar and international performing artist, Kimberly Marshall. The Stanford Fisk is unique in that it incorporates two different tuning temperaments (well-tempered and meantone), both of which are heard on this recording. Noted organist and scholar, Kimberly Marshall, explores the relationship between French classical composers and Johann Sebastian Bach. The Stanford Fisk incorporates two different tuning temperaments (well-tempered and meantone), both of which are heard on this recording.
Bach Encounters Buxtehude - Kimberly Marshall Sienese Splendor - Kimberly Marshall Gothic Pipes: The Earliest Organ Music - Kimberly Marshall
Bach Encounters Buxtehude/Marshall
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Sienese Splendor/Marshall
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Gothic Pipes: The Earliest Organ Music/Marshall
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In the autumn of 1705, Johann Sebastian Bach traveled to Lubeck to learn what he could from the famous organist, Buxtehude. Accounts suggest that his organ playing changed dramatically. On this CD you can explore the often intangible links between these two composers, bringing together some of their most popular works for the organ. The sounds of this sixtennth-century Italian organ establish a tangible link to th emusical culture of the Italian Renaissance. Located in Siena, the 1519 Piffaro organ has a beautiful, gentle, vocal sound that is ideal for this music. Organist Kimberly Marshall plays these delightful gems on this, her most popular recording. Prized for its amazing variety of sounds and for its technical complexity, the organ has been used to celebrate powerful rulers and religious institutions since its invention in the third century BC. This CD presents some of the earliest music written for organ, both sacred and secular, played by a leader in the field of early performance practice. Cappella Romana joins Dr Marshall to sing chant verses in alternatim.
Schlick: The First Printed Organ Music
The First Printed Organ Music / Kimberly Marshall
Our Price: $18.98 - includes Free Shipping!
2012 marks 500 years since the first printed organ music was published by Arnolt Schlick. Kimberly Marshall brings these early works to life, along with other music of Schlick's time, on the exceptional Paul Fritts organ at Arizona State University.