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The Wanamaker Legacy - Peter Richard Conte Midnight in Grand Court - Peter Richard Conte - Wanamaker organ Magic! - Peter Richard Conte - Wanamaker organ
The Wanamaker Legacy/Conte
Our Price: $18.98 - includes Free Shipping!
Midnight in the Grand Court/Conte
Our Price: $18.98 - includes Free Shipping!
Our Price: $18.98 - includes Free Shipping!
The music on this disc is all closely associated with The Wanamaker Organ, arguably the greatest symphonic organ ever built. John and Rodman Wanamaker left us, as their legacy, the very pinnacle of symphonic organ design; over the past century, many of the world's leading organists have made pilgrimages to perform on this great instrument. Several have composed works especially for the Wanamaker organ, inspired by its truly unique and wonderfully rich, warm character, and by the splendor of its unparalleled palette of orchestral color. Full color booklet explaining the history of the organ and all the famous organists who played there. Full specifications of the organ, and detailed articles on its history. "Don't wait. Get it now. Fabulous!" - The American Organist Midnight in the Grand Court is a magic hour. Only at this hushed time can the Wanamaker organ be heard in its full beauty. This NEW recording offers  the opportunity to enjoy the infinite variety of kaleidoscopic possibilities flowing from the throats of 28,482 pipes --- recorded at midnight. The phenomenal best-selling recording of the Wanamaker Grand Court organ, back by popular demand! With its state-of-the-art recording techniques including HDCD digital encoding, this CD offers an amazing sonic experience. Out of print and unavailable for months, we are excited to announce its long-awaited reissue on the Gothic label.
Christmas in the Grand Tradition, The Wanamaker Organ, Peter Conte & Philadelphia Brass A Grand Celebration - The Philadelphia Orchestra live with the Wanamaker Organ & Peter Conte Wanamaker Centennial Concert
Christmas carols on a grand scale!  Under the dazzling fingers of organist Peter Richard Conte, the world's largest musical instrument teams up with Philadelphia Brass in this program of Christmas favorites.  A sonic spectacular! After a wait of over eighty years, the vast tonal palette of The Philadelphia Orchestra is joined, once more, with the world’s greatest symphonic pipe organ for this historic concert! Recorded live, September 27, 2008. Includes Joseph Jongen's Symphonie concertante, which was commissioned for the Wanamaker organ and the Philadelphia Orchestra in the 1920's, but never performed together until this "Grand Celebration". Recorded live at the concert marking The Wanamaker Organ Centennial, Peter Conte and Symphony in C play large-scale works for organ and orchestra.
My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice Around the Wanamaker Organ in 80 Minutes
Around the Wanamaker Organ in 80 Minutes
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The lyrical, soulful sound of the flugelhorn is paired with the orchestral rich colors of the Wanamaker organ in this beautiful recording. Popular melodies abound, from the "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" theme to Debussy's "Clair de Lune." Tour the cavernous Wanamaker pipe chambers! Explore the historic Wanamaker store! Sample the sound of the stops! Revisit the history of the organ! Thrill of selections by Peter Richard Conte and Keith Chapman on the world's largest playing pipe organ --- 28,482

Produced by Friends of the Wanamaker, this DVD provides the enthusiast with a detail view of the insides of the organ, and recent renovations to this unique instrument.