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L'Organiste Parisien - Joseph Adam L'Organiste Parisien/Adam

In his first recording on the new Rosales organ of St James, Cathedral Organist Joseph Adam explores the soundscape of Parisian organists from the mid 19th century to the present. Of special interest is the recording "The Last Judgement" of Naji Hakim's, successor to Messiaen's position at la Trinité in Paris.  The Rosales organ is cast in French Symphonic style and is greatly enhanced by St James' reverberant acoustics.

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American Fantasia / Robinson American Fantasia / Robinson

The iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall organ's rich textures are demonstrated in this dramatic program by Daryl Robinson. Included are world premiere recordings by Aaron David Miller, Jeffrey Brillhart, David Briggs, Jason Roberts and George Baker. Made by Glatter-Gotz and Manuel Rosales, the Disney Hall organ is heard here in its first commercially available recording.

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Recital at Bridges Hall (Pomona College) / Peterson Recital at Bridges Hall (Pomona College) / Peterson

The first recording of the Fisk organ at Pomona College is presented by William Peterson, Pomona College Organist, Emeritus. Peterson's program includes a number of works with Pomona College connections, including pieces by John Cage, Karl Kohn and Tom Flaherty. Also included are several works from "Voices of Christian Sorrow", a large collection dedicated to heroes of WWI.

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Complete organ works Correa/Bates (5 CDs!) Complete organ works Correa/Bates (5 CDs!)

The Complete Organ Works of Correa de Arauxo---the first recording of hiss complete works in the New World. Using three 17th-century organs in Oaxaca, Mexico and two new organs in Spanish Baroque style in California, Robert Bates offers new insights in this neglected organ repertoire. Five CDs, and a 120 page full color book, in both Spanish and English.

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