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Double Click  cover image to view complete track list and program notes. The Hazel Wright Organ - David Ball (CD)

First commercial recording of the newly restored Hazel Wright Organ.

Few pipe organs in history have received as much attention as the iconic "Hazel," the organ of Christ Cathedral (Garden Grove, CA), formerly the Crystal Cathedral. David Ball's performance takes full advantage of this "King of Instruments'" potential. With more than 17,000 pipes, 300 stops and 300 ranks, Hazel plays from all four corners of the Christ Cathedral building give listener's a "surround sound" experience.

See also G-49338 "Hazel Is Back!" with Emma Whitten on the Hazel Wright organ.

Our Price: $18.98
Hazel's Story (Blu-ray video) Hazel's Story (Blu-ray video)

Additional copies of Hazel's Story are on the way!

Discover all of Hazel's story in this dynamic documentary release in hi-res Blu-ray format! Includes a 49-minute documentary, a live Q&A session with Hazel stakeholders and the restoration team, and Highlight reels of the Year of "Hazel."

The Hazel Wright Organ is an icon of the musical world with a unique history. This is her story.

List Price: $24.98
Our Price: $24.98