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Roskilde Cathedral is the burial place of the Danish kings, a stupendous building whose grandeur is matched by its fine organ. This instrument, housed in an elaborate case on the opposite wall to the King’s equally decorative royal box, is one that Christian IV would have recognized, and Melchior Schildt might have played. The oldest pipes in the instrument date from the 1554-55 organ built by Hermann Raphaëlis; this instrument was substantially rebuilt in 1654, transformed from a Dutch Renaissance organ into a large representative three-manual Baroque instrument. Numerous restorations and rebuilds over the subsequent centuries led at last to the sensitive historic restoration by Marcussen in 1991 back to the instrument’s seventeenth-century glory.


Principal 8’        

Spitzflöjt 8’

Bordun 16’

Octava 4’

Rohrflöjt 4’

Nassath 3’

Super Octava 2’

Mixtur IV-V (1-1/3’)

Trompet 8’


Gedact 8’

Waltflöjt 2’

Gedactflöjt 4’

Octava 2’

Sedecima 1’

Regal 8’

Geigen Regal 4’


Principal 4’

Gedact 8’

Gedact 4’

Octava 2’

Sesquialt II

Salicional 2’

Sedecima 1’

Mixtur III (2/3’)

Hoboy 8’


Principal 16’

Octava 8’

Gedact 8’

Octava  4’

Mixtur IV (2’)

Posaun 16’

Trompet 8’

Schalmej 4’

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