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The first recording made on the new Richards-Fowkes organ in Handel's parish church in London! Kimberly Marshall plays a program of Handelian themes, and Bach. The new organ is the first American-built instrument in London. David Dahl in recital at Lagerquist Hall, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA. Robert Bates plays the complete organ works of Daquin on the multi-temperament Fisk organ at Stanford Memorial Church.
Marches - Douglas Major Fanfare - Gerre Hancock Organ music of Pinkham and Liszt - Lippincott
Marches/Douglas Major
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Fanfare/G. Hancock
Our Price: $18.98
Douglas Major takes you on a marching tour of the grand Skinner organ of Washington National Cathedral. From Sousa to Bach, here are some of the most famous, and most stirring marches ever written, played on a large organ in a Gothic acoustic... A master of improvisation in Anglican style, Gerre Hancock, plays the great organ of St Thomas Church in NYC. Also includes works by Bach, de Grigny, and Reger. An unusual program featuring the rarely recorded organ music of Daniel Pinkham. The Fisk organ at House of Hope is a landmark instrument in American organ building.
Fisk organ of King's Chapel - Turley Four Masterworks - Frederick Swann Mozart Organ works -  Joan Lippincott
King's Chapel/Turley
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Four Masterworks/Swann
Our Price: $18.98
King's Chapel was founded in 1686 as an Anglican church, but became independent in the 1780's, becoming the first Unitarian Church in North America.The chapel retains its Anglican heritage in worship and music. Daniel Pinkham was its Music Director for 42 years, which includes the time when a revolutionary new Fisk organ was installed in 1964.; Barry Turley plays a varied program which includes music by Bach, Reger, Widor, Pinkham and early American composer, William Selby. Frederick Swann is one of the best-known, and best-loved organists in America. He has been organist of The Riverside Church in New York City and The Crystal Cathedral in California, as well as President of the American Guild of Organists.  In this recording he demonstrates the huge Crystal Cathedral organ with four landmark works by Mendelssoh, Bach, Franck and Wright. The Fisk organ of Old West Church in Boston is an ideal match for the lyrical sounds of Mozart. Certain stops from older organs were incorporated into the instrument giving it an antique sound that is unique in Fisk's works.Joan Lippincott plays some of Mozart's best known works, and a few that rarely heard on organ. Includes notes of Mozart and the organ.
John Weaver Performs Clarion - Music for Trumpet and Organ Lippincott  - Philadelphia Brass
John Weaver Performs....
Our Price: $18.98
Clarion-Trumpet & Organ
Our Price: $18.98
John Weaver, one of the America’s finest concert organists, was Director of Music at Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City from 1970-2005. He was Head of the Organ Department at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia from 1972 to 2003, and also Chair of the Organ Department at The Juilliard School from 1987 to 2004. Here he plays a varied program, including some rarely heard works by Leighton and Bingham. His program concludes with his own Fantasia for Organ. The trumpet/organ ensemble Clarion specializes in new and difficult works for organ and trumpet.  Included here are several world premier recordings. The virtuoso brass ensemble, Philadelphia Brass join organist Joan Lippincott at the large Mander organ of Princeton University Chapel in this grand recording, animated by a large acoustical space.
20th-century Organ Music Two - Ray and Elizabeth Chenault Edward Elgar at Woolsey Hall, Yale University - Thomas Murray Organ Music of Franz Liszt - Donald Sutherland
World Premiere Recordings! Organ duo Elizabeth and Raymond Chenault perform a recital of world premiers, many of which they commissioned. At their disposal is the large E. M. Skinner organ of the National Cathedral, later enlarged by Aeolian-Skinner. Ends with a rousing rendition of Sousa's Stars and Stripes Forever. Thomas Murray plays theNewberry Memorial Organ at Yale University in this program of original works and transcriptions by Elgar. The program includes Elgar's monumental Sonata in G, opus 28 from 1895. The organ in Woolsey Hall is superbly suited for this repertoire and there is no better advocate for this music than Thoams Murray! The 1994 Lively-Fulcher organ includes significant amounts of pipework from the church's original 1895 Carl Barckhoff. Two 16-foot choruses on the manuals, plus a solo division with Bombarde's and cornet, and a full pedal with two 32-foot stops provide the gravitas required by Liszt's organ works.
Head of the organ faculty at Peabody, Donald Sutherland is a Liszt expert, and renders this repertoire with drama and excitement. The addition of Lizst's "Cujus animan" (a transcription Rossini's Stabat mater for trombone and organ is a delicious bonus.Generous acousticsput it all together in this superb recording.
Great Organ of St. Patrick's Cathedral - Donald Dumler Christmas at Spivey Hall - Ray and Elizabeth Chenault Masterpieces at St Mary Virgin NYC - Kyler Brown
This organ CD is always in our best-sellers list, year after year. With both popular and unusual works in his progam, Cathedral Organist Donald Dumler strikes just the right balance of musical choices. Both the Chancel and Grand Gallery Organs were builtby Kilgen, and are controlled by two new "twin" five-manual consoles. With 177 stops and over 9,000 pipes, the organ is both a grand musical statement, and a priceless antique whose sounds evoke the ideals of organbuilding in the 1920's. Includes Bach's Toccata & Fugue in d minor, Handel's Largo from "Xerxes," Clarke's Trumpet Tuneand Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance, No. 1. The Chenaults are known for commissioning imaginative arrangements of music for two organists.  Here they reprise popular Christmas favorites on the Albert Schweitzer Memorial Pipe Organ (built by Ruffatti) in Spivey Hall near Atlanta. Includes "Sleigh Ride", "Greensleeves", Carol of the Drum, Gesu Bambino, White Christmas and many others. The former Music Director of St Mary the Virgin plays a brilliant recital on the church's 1933 Aeolian-Skinner organ - one of the first instruments that could be described as an "American Classic" design. The organ was revised, with substantial changes in the number of divisions, by G. Donald Harrison in 1942. The highly reverberant acoustics of St Mary's enhance the organ's tonal pallet, which bears strong French Romantic influences.
Toccatas and Fugues by Bach - Joan Lippincott Mary Preston at the Meyerson Silent Night Washington - National Cathedral Choirs
The large Flentrop organ of Duke University Chapel is the venue for the latest in Lippincott's Bach organwork series. Those works entitled "Toccata" are among Bach's most famous and best loved works. Notes by Bach scholar George Stauffer, and a description with complete stoplist of the Flentrop organ are included in the booklet. In her second recording as resident organist at the Meyerson, Mary Preston presents a Germanic program which provides a wide variety of sounds and textures. The landmark Fisk organ at the Meyerson is in an adjustable acoustic which can be optimized for solo organ concerts and recordings, giving the organ sound elegance and lyrical flexibility. This Christmas recording features the Choir of Men and Boys at the National Cathedral. Traditional anthems, congregational singing and organ solos combine in the Gothic cathedral's acoustical cavern to create a recording of distinctive beauty.
German Romantic Organ Music - Robert Parkins - Duke Chapel Bach - Leipzig Chorales - Joan Lippincott Frederick Swann in Hawaii
University organist Robert Parkins plays both large organs of Duke University Chapel. The Flentrop tracker organ in the rear gallery is ideal for the early Romantic elegance of Mendelssohn, and the lyracism of Rheinberger, which the Aeolian organ in the chancel provides the gravitas necessary for Liszt. An imaginative program that combines two large organs of contrasting style. When Bach died in 1750, he left behind an incomplete manuscript that was perhaps being prepared for future publication.The intent of the collection, or the organizational scheme are difficult to discern, but Bach may have been planning something on the same scale as Clavierübung III (the "German Organ Mass"). Whatever the intent, these enlargements and revisions of earlier chorale preludes contain some of Bach's most sublime musical moments. In this second recording made in Hawaii, Frederick Swann is joined by harpist Nyle Hallman, who also is the Organist andAssistant Director of the Choirs at Central Union Church.The 68-rank organ at the church contains pipework from the original 1924 E. M. Skinner and the 1966 Aeolian-Skinner organ. In 1995, Austin Organs reworked the instrument, added ranks and building a new console.
As always, Swann has crafted a program to please, beginning with Bach's great Toccata in D minor.
Two Organs by Reuter - Frederick Swann Masterworks by Bach - Douglas Major - Washington National Cathedral French Masterpieces - Douglas Major - Washington National Cathedral
Masterworks by Bach/Major
Our Price: $18.98
French Masterpieces
Our Price: $18.98
Frederick Swann demonstrates the tonal variety of two organs completed by Reuter in 1997. The first is the organ of First German United Methodist Church in Glendale, California (two manuals 20 ranks), and the second, is at St. Mel Roman Catholic Church of Woodland Hills, California (3 manuals, 58 stops). Large-scale Bach works are featured here on a large organ in one of the largest churches in the hemisphere. Grand! Franck and Widor established French Romantic organ work.  Franck's Grande pièce symphonique was the first to use the term "symphony"; Widor's fifth symphony is perhaps the most famous work of the genre, and concludes with his ever-popular Toccata.  The works of both composers are well-suited to the grand, Gothic space of the National Cathedral.
Judith Hancock - St. Thomas Church NYC Bach-  Trio Sonatas - Joan Lippincott David Higgs at Riverside
David Higgs at Riverside
Our Price: $18.98
Judith Hancock has earned an enviable reputation as a performer of Romantic music. In this recording she contrasts the Antiphons of Dupré, first improvised at a vespers service in 1919 at Notre Dame, with the supremely challenging music of Czech composer, Petr Eben. Not all great organ music is big and bombastic—as these sonatas prove!  Requiring flawless technique on the part of the player, these three-movement chamber works are delightful pieces on the surface; deeper analysis reveals marvelously constructed compositions that could only spring from the mind of J.S. Bach. Lippincott plays the perfectly-suited Taylor and Boody organ at St Thomas Church, NY.  Extensive notes by Bach scholar, George Stauffer. David's Higgs is Professor of Organ at the Eastman School of Music, and widely admired for both his extraordinary technique, but his ability to communicate to audiences. This unusual program at The Riverside Church includes rarely played works by jazz pianist, George Shearing, David Conte, Alainand William Bolcom, but is anchored by barn-burning favorites by Mendelssohn, and Franck, concluding with a thrilling performance of the Duruflé Suite.
Organs of First Congregational Church - Frederick Swann The Rosales Organ - Trinity Cathedral, Portland, OR - Douglas Cleveland Dubois - Seven Last Words of Christ - First Methodist Church, Lubbock, TX - Gordon McMillan - Frederick Swann
Frederick Swann plays the world's largest church organ!The first organ was built by E. M. Skinner for the chancel of the church. In 1969 a new and larger instrument was built in the rear gallery by the Schlicker Organ Company, who also constructed an Italian-style continuo organ located above the south choir. All the organs can be played from either or both of the two consoles, one in the chancel, the other in the rear gallery, creating a single instrument of great size, containing divisions of contrasting styles. Young star Douglas Cleveland plays the remarkable Rosales organ of Trinity Cathedral in an all-French program which includes the rarely played (and wickedly difficult) Esquisses ("Etudes") of Dupré. Also included are Franck's beautiful and tuneful Prière ("Prayer") and Vierne's brilliant Second Symphony. A timeless, Romantic setting of the agony of Christ's Passion, this CD is consistently a Gothic Catalog best seller.  Sung in English, and beautifully accompanied on organ by Frederick Swann. Also included are Mendelssohn's classic "Hear My Prayer" and Dubois' Grand Chorus for organ.
Cesar Franck Organ Music - Frank Speller Bach - Sinfonia - Organ Concertos - Joan Lippincott L'Organiste Parisien - Joseph Adam
L'Organiste Parisien/Adam
Our Price: $18.98
Frank Speller plays Franck on the large Visser-Rowland tracker organ at UT-Austin. Included are the Three Chorales, published posthumously and among Franck's greatest achievments. The Grande Pièce Symphonique is the first large organ suite titled as a Symphony—setting the pattern for later works in this genre by Widor and Vierne. Finally, Speller concludes with his own arrangment of Franck's most popular vocal work. Bach concertos for organ and orchestra?  Joan Lippincott makes a compelling and logical case for constructing organ concertos from the "organ sinfonias" of Bach's cantatas.  Booklet includes essay on these organ solo+orchestra pieces by noted Bach scholar, George Stauffer. In his first recording on the new Rosales organ of St James, Cathedral Organist Joseph Adam explores the soundscape of Parisian organists from the mid 19th century to the present. Of special interest is the recording "The Last Judgement" of Naji Hakim's, successor to Messiaen's position at la Trinité in Paris.  The Rosales organ is cast in French Symphonic style and is greatly enhanced by St James' reverberant acoustics.
Bach - Preludes and Fugues - Joan Lippincott Mary Preston In Concert Preludes Postludes beginning 9-11-2001 - Susan Ferré
Mary Preston, In Concert!
Our Price: $18.98
Of the many musical forms that J.S. Bach cultivated during his lifetime, none has enjoyed more lasting influence than the prelude and fugue. In this recording, Joan Lippincott provides us with a beautifully rounded survey of Bach's mature preludes and fugues, from the Pièce d'Orgue, BWV 572, one of his boldest independent preludes, to the Prelude and Fugue in E Minor ("Wedge"), BWV 548, one of his most ambitious compostions for the organ. To round out the recording, Lippincott also includes the Canonic Variations on Vom Himmel hoch, a very late work, written at the same time Musical Offering One of America's leading organists plays in concert on one of America's largest and most important organs -- the landmark Opus 100 of the C.B. Fisk organ company. Called upon repeatedly to perform at the national conventions of the American Guild of Organists, Mary Preston has flawless technique and an elegant style to communicates to the listener. The encore also reveals that she has a sense of humor... Presented here are some of the organ works which were played by Susan Ferré during services at Pacific Lutheran University, from the first day of classes on September 11, through the year for more than 130 services, to the triumphant sending forth of Pentecost Sunday and Commencement Worship on May 26th, 2002. Equipped with one of the finest organs in the world, Lagerquist Hall provided the means for a wide range of musical expression during this unusual musical, and liturgical year.
Messiaen - Cosmos Consciousness - Jonathan Dimmock Great Organs First Church volume 2 - David Goode The Wanamaker Legacy - Peter Richard Conte
In this survey of music by the French Roman Catholic mystic, Olivier Messiaen, Jonathan Dimmock plays some of his popular works, and also includes two rarely performed compositions, published only afer his death in 1992. The organ used for this recording is very similar in size and disposition to Messiaen's own instrument at Trinité in Paris. The performance, the organ and Erik Sikkema's ULSI recording technology combine to produce an unusual and exceptional CD. The neo-Gothic First Congregational Church of Los Angeles is home to the world’s largest church organ. The instrument known as “The Great Organs of First Church“ is, quite simply, one of the wonders of the musical world. Its size is only one aspect of its uniqueness: one must add its spatial distribution around the building, the variety of its components and the tonal balance of the whole---and one could also add the story of its gradual evolution. The new organist of the church, David Goode, puts this instrument through its paces with a highly varied program ranging from Frescobaldi to Gershwin. The music on this disc is all closely associated with The Wanamaker Organ, arguably the greatest symphonic organ ever built. John and Rodman Wanamaker left us, as their legacy, the very pinnacle of symphonic organ design; over the past century, many of the world's leading organists have made pilgrimages to perform on this great instrument. Several have composed works especially for the Wanamaker organ, inspired by its truly unique and wonderfully rich, warm character, and by the splendor of its unparalleled palette of orchestral color. Full color booklet explaining the history of the organ and all the famous organists who played there. Full specifications of the organ, and detailed articles on its history. "Don't wait. Get it now. Fabulous!" - The American Organist
Midnight in Grand Court - Peter Richard Conte - Wanamaker organ Magic! - Peter Richard Conte - Wanamaker organ In Dialogue, v.1 - Robert Bates - David Yearsley
Our Price: $18.98
Midnight in the Grand Court is a magic hour. Only at this hushed time can the Wanamaker organ be heard in its full beauty. This NEW recording offers  the opportunity to enjoy the infinite variety of kaleidoscopic possibilities flowing from the throats of 28,482 pipes --- recorded at midnight. The phenomenal best-selling recording of the Wanamaker Grand Court organ, back by popular demand! With its state-of-the-art recording techniques including HDCD digital encoding, this CD offers an amazing sonic experience. Out of print and unavailable for months, we are excited to announce its long-awaited reissue on the Gothic label. Two extraordinary organists playing two extraordinary organs in dialogue might seem an over-abundance of riches. Yet it is possible that the great organists of earlier times enjoyed responding to each other across vast spaces. This new recording, which includes compositions by six masters of the North German School, recreates this sound and ambience using two mean-tone organs in Stanford's Memorial Church.
The Young Bach - Harald Vogel Music of a Father Son - David Yearsley How Excellent Thy Name Kimberly - Kimberly Marshall - Erik Conzius
The Young Bach/Vogel
Our Price: $18.98
THE YOUNG BACH reveals Bach, the teenager- a brilliant debut of talent that would change the organ world forever. Harald Vogel offers new insights into some of Bach's most popular early works, playing John Brombaugh's historically inspired instrument in Eugene, Oregon. Includes Bach's "Eight little Preludes and Fugues". First-prize winner at the 1994 Bruges Early Music Festival, David Yearsley performs music of the Strungk family, an astonishing collection of previously unrecorded 17th-century masterpieces.  World premier recordings! "This recording honors the Jewish liturgical tradition of cantor with organ-- and a rising star of American cantors. The historic 1901 Murray Harris organ at Stanford University is the perfect instrument for this music, which is concentrated in the latter half of the 19th and early 20th centuries."
Complete Organ Works of Bruhns & Hanff - William Porter French on Flentrop - J. Melvin Butler Widor: Symphony gothique & Symphony romane - David Fuller
William Porter, organist William Porter plays the complete works of Bruhns and Hanff on the spectacular organ of the Danish national cathedral. Restored to 1654 condition, the organ includes many pipes dating from one hundred years earlier. Saint Mark's Cathedral organist Mel Butler plays a program of French music, from de Grigny to Tournemire. Although it is a Dutch organ, the 1965 Flentrop is surprisingly well-suited to French repertoire. With an abundance of reeds, beautiful flutes and six seconds of reverberation, the organ renders French music in an highlyeffective, if not authentic style. Mel Butler lives a superb performance, which is captured with our proprietary 24-bit recording technology. Highly recommended! Titled after the architectural style of the two churches to which they were dedicated, the final two symphonies of Charles-Marie Widor represent his most arresting and original compositions for organ. Written as concert works, these symphonies pay homage to the church through the use of chant themes-the “Gothic” with the Christmas introit, Puer natus est nobis (“Unto us a Child is born”) and the “Romane” with the Easter gradual Haec dies quam fecit Dominus (“This is the day the Lord has made”). David Fuller is a well-known scholar of French music and brings these late works of Widor to life brilliantly in this recording.  24-bit Technology and extensive notes on the music and organ.
Fährmann & Wagner - David Fuller Divine Euterpe: Music by Women - Kimberly Marshall Bach and the Italian Influence - Kimberly Marshall
Fahrmann & Wagner/Fuller
Our Price: $18.98
World Premier Recording! A contemporary of Max Reger, Hans Fährmann wrote monumental - and monumentally difficult- works for vast organs in which the display of contrapuntal mastery was a central feature. This first recording of his eighth sonata is accompanied by another first: a triptych arranged from Wagner's Meistersinger. David Fuller plays the large symphonic Fisk organ of SUNY-Buffalo. This recording traces the works of female composers from Medieval times through the twentieth century. Played on the Rosales organ of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Portland, Oregon, this program includes some music never before recorded on compact disc. Featured composers include Elfrida Andree, Florence Price, Ethel Smyth, and Fanny Mendelssohn. "Bach and the Italian Influence" explores the Italian influences on Bach, and is presented by organ scholar and international performing artist, Kimberly Marshall. The Stanford Fisk is unique in that it incorporates two different tuning temperaments (well-tempered and meantone), both of which are heard on this recording.
Bach and the French Influence - Kimberly Marshall Bach: One of a Kind - William Porter Krebs: Clavierubung - William Porter
Noted organist and scholar, Kimberly Marshall, explores the relationship between French classical composers and Johann Sebastian Bach. The Stanford Fisk incorporates two different tuning temperaments (well-tempered and meantone), both of which are heard on this recording. This is the first nationally released CD recorded on the new Paul Fritts organ at PLU. Fritts' magnum opus, this spectacular organ has 54 stops/ 80 ranks on three manuals. The pedal division includes a full length 32' Posaune as well as a 32' Subbass. The combination of one of the finest organ builders and organists in the United States, 24-bit recording technology, and Lagerquist Hall's four-second reverberation time, make this CD a must-have! Our number one selling Bach organ CD. The Clavier-Übung of Krebs is a collection of 39 pieces based upon 13 favorite chorales of the 18th century. This succession of short pieces provides ample material to bring the tonal resources of Pehr Schiorlin's organ to life. A favorite instrument of Albert Schweitzer, the organ of Gammalkil, Sweden is heard here on CD for the first time.
Melodia - Joseph Adam The Great Contest - David Yearsley Bach Encounters Buxtehude - Kimberly Marshall
Our Price: $18.98
St James' turn-of-the-century organ provides the ideal sound for this program of German (and Germanic-style) organ works. The generous acoustics of the cathedral enhance the sound of an organ which is rich in fundamental, and can project soaring melodies in the treble. What if the greatest keyboard players of the first half of the eighteenth century, Bach, Scarlatti, and Handel--all born the same year--had met in a contest pitting their devastating technical brilliance and quickness of invention each against the other? This recording imagines these three remarkable musicians competing on that most celestial of instruments, the organ; the organ being the large Fisk-Nanney at Stanford Memorial Church. In the autumn of 1705, Johann Sebastian Bach traveled to Lübeck to learn what he could from the famous organist, Buxtehude. Accounts suggest that his organ playing changed dramatically. On this CD you can explore the often intangible links between these two composers, bringing together some of their most popular works for the organ.
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