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Kimberly Marshall plays Frescobaldi Toccatas and Fugues by Bach - Joan Lippincott Bach - Leipzig Chorales - Joan Lippincott
Frescobaldi played on an authentic Italian organ from 1742, no  located at Arizona State University. The large Flentrop organ of Duke University Chapel is the venue for the latest in Lippincott's Bach organwork series. Those works entitled "Toccata" are among Bach's most famous and best loved works. Notes by Bach scholar George Stauffer, and a description with complete stoplist of the Flentrop organ are included in the booklet. When Bach died in 1750, he left behind an incomplete manuscript that was perhaps being prepared for future publication.The intent of the collection, or the organizational scheme are difficult to discern, but Bach may have been planning something on the same scale as Clavierübung III (the "German Organ Mass"). Whatever the intent, these enlargements and revisions of earlier chorale preludes contain some of Bach's most sublime musical moments.
Bach - Sinfonia - Organ Concertos - Joan Lippincott Bach - Preludes and Fugues - Joan Lippincott Daquin and the French Noel / Bates
Daquin and the French Noel / Bates
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Bach concertos for organ and orchestra?  Joan Lippincott makes a compelling and logical case for constructing organ concertos from the "organ sinfonias" of Bach's cantatas.  Booklet includes essay on these organ solo+orchestra pieces by noted Bach scholar, George Stauffer. Of the many musical forms that J.S. Bach cultivated during his lifetime, none has enjoyed more lasting influence than the prelude and fugue. In this recording, Joan Lippincott provides us with a beautifully rounded survey of Bach's mature preludes and fugues, from the Pièce d'Orgue, BWV 572, one of his boldest independent preludes, to the Prelude and Fugue in E Minor ("Wedge"), BWV 548, one of his most ambitious compostions for the organ. To round out the recording, Lippincott also includes the Canonic Variations on Vom Himmel hoch, a very late work, written at the same time Musical Offering Robert Bates plays the complete organ works of Daquin on the multi-temperament Fisk organ at Stanford Memorial Church.
In Dialogue, v.1 - Robert Bates - David Yearsley Music of a Father Son - David Yearsley Pachelbel Canon and other Baroque Favorites - Seattle Baroque
Two extraordinary organists playing two extraordinary organs in dialogue might seem an over-abundance of riches. Yet it is possible that the great organists of earlier times enjoyed responding to each other across vast spaces. This new recording, which includes compositions by six masters of the North German School, recreates this sound and ambience using two mean-tone organs in Stanford's Memorial Church. First-prize winner at the 1994 Bruges Early Music Festival, David Yearsley performs music of the Strungk family, an astonishing collection of previously unrecorded 17th-century masterpieces.  World premier recordings! Known for their intense yet elegant playing style, Seattle Baroque breathes fresh life and vigor into the famous Canon and other masterworks. "The excellent Seattle Baroque Orchestra shows us what dynamic leadership can achieve in the seventeenth- and eighteenth-century repertory." [Chicago Tribune]
Bach and the Italian Influence - Kimberly Marshall Bach and the French Influence - Kimberly Marshall Bach: One of a Kind - William Porter
"Bach and the Italian Influence" explores the Italian influences on Bach, and is presented by organ scholar and international performing artist, Kimberly Marshall. The Stanford Fisk is unique in that it incorporates two different tuning temperaments (well-tempered and meantone), both of which are heard on this recording. Noted organist and scholar, Kimberly Marshall, explores the relationship between French classical composers and Johann Sebastian Bach. The Stanford Fisk incorporates two different tuning temperaments (well-tempered and meantone), both of which are heard on this recording. This is the first nationally released CD recorded on the new Paul Fritts organ at PLU. Fritts' magnum opus, this spectacular organ has 54 stops/ 80 ranks on three manuals. The pedal division includes a full length 32' Posaune as well as a 32' Subbass. The combination of one of the finest organ builders and organists in the United States, 24-bit recording technology, and Lagerquist Hall's four-second reverberation time, make this CD a must-have! Our number one selling Bach organ CD.
Krebs: Clavierubung - William Porter The Great Contest - David Yearsley Bach Encounters Buxtehude - Kimberly Marshall
The Clavier-Übung of Krebs is a collection of 39 pieces based upon 13 favorite chorales of the 18th century. This succession of short pieces provides ample material to bring the tonal resources of Pehr Schiorlin's organ to life. A favorite instrument of Albert Schweitzer, the organ of Gammalkil, Sweden is heard here on CD for the first time. What if the greatest keyboard players of the first half of the eighteenth century, Bach, Scarlatti, and Handel--all born the same year--had met in a contest pitting their devastating technical brilliance and quickness of invention each against the other? This recording imagines these three remarkable musicians competing on that most celestial of instruments, the organ; the organ being the large Fisk-Nanney at Stanford Memorial Church. In the autumn of 1705, Johann Sebastian Bach traveled to Lübeck to learn what he could from the famous organist, Buxtehude. Accounts suggest that his organ playing changed dramatically. On this CD you can explore the often intangible links between these two composers, bringing together some of their most popular works for the organ.
Viennese Romantic Piano - Penelope Crawford The Shapenote Album - Tudor Choir - Douglas Fullington J.C. Bach: Sonatas for flute and fortepiano - Courtney Westcott - Byron Schenkman
The music of Schubert, Mendelssohn & Schumann takes on new life in this recording of a beautifully restored 1835 Graf piano. Penelope Crawford plays with drama and lyricism, using the full range of colors and subtle shadings that this extraordinary Viennese piano provides. Using a high-energy, vibrato-less singing style, the Tudor Choir creates a choral sound that is both unusual, yet entirely appropriate for these early American hymns. Works from the Sacred Harp and similar sources. Booklet contains full texts and commentary on each tune. Two internationally acclaimed early-music specialists bring their considerable talents to bear on these lesser-known "accompanied" sonatas by J. C. Bach. Fortepianist Byron Schenkman---whose playing was recently called "dazzling!" by American Record Guide---and flutist Courtney Westcott present a program of this elegant and beautiful music that has been called the forerunner of the high Viennese style of Haydn and Mozart. Also includes the Sonata in C Minor for solo fortepiano.   Find out why Schenkman's intense performances have been compared with those of Vladimir Horowitz and Jimi Hendrix!
Sienese Splendor - Kimberly Marshall Gothic Pipes: The Earliest Organ Music - Kimberly Marshall In Dialogue v.2 -  Fabio Ciofini - Jordi Vergés
Sienese Splendor/Marshall
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The sounds of this sixtennth-century Italian organ establish a tangible link to th emusical culture of the Italian Renaissance. Located in Siena, the 1519 Piffaro organ has a beautiful, gentle, vocal sound that is ideal for this music. Organist Kimberly Marshall plays these delightful gems on this, her most popular recording. Prized for its amazing variety of sounds and for its technical complexity, the organ has been used to celebrate powerful rulers and religious institutions since its invention in the third century BC. This CD presents some of the earliest music written for organ, both sacred and secular, played by a leader in the field of early performance practice. Cappella Romana joins Dr Marshall to sing chant verses in alternatim. . . . in Dialogue, v. 2 - Music for organ and harpsichord, featuring Fabio Ciofini and Jordi Vergés! The sounds of harpsichord and organ blend in a lively acoustic for this unusual recording of Baroque literature for two players.
Bach Masses v.1 - Washington Bach Consort Clemens non Papa: Requiem and Motets - Tudor Choir - Douglas Fullington The Eastman Italian Baroque Organ - William Porter - Hans Davidsson - David Higgs
The success of Bach's B-minor Mass has obscured a number of his shorter masterpieces of the same genre. Written in the 1730s these masses—which consist only of a Kyrie and Gloria setting—could be performed in both Catholic and Lutheran liturgies. Sometimes misleadingly called "The Lutheran Masses," Bach used them to gain recognition from the Catholic court of Dresden, which bestowed upon him the title "Electoral Saxon and Royal Polish Court Compositeur." Program notes by eminent Bach scholar Christoph Wolff. The Tudor Choir adds to its critically acclaimed collection of recordings with this new CD of music by Renaissance composer Jacob Clemens non Papa (c.1515-c.1555). Clemens composed in all of the expected genres of his time. Much of his music is infused with a personal quality that differs from the generally abstract nature of much Renaissance sacred music. The music on this disc is a survey of his Latin-texted sacred polyphony, including his intimate Requiem, plus a Magnificat setting and a sampling of motets. The pieces chosen for this recording reveal texts that portray such themes as relationships, family, and remembrance, and therefore demonstrate the unusual "personal" quality to be found in Clemens' works. The only full-size Italian Baroque organ in North America, Eastman's newly installed and restored instrument reveals the exotic sounds of another culture and time. Played by three virtuosi of the school's faculty, the organ sounds as beautiful as it appears: a genuine work of art.
Organs of Ostfriesland, v.1  - Harald Vogel The Bach Circle, v.1 - Harald Vogel The Bach Circle, v.2 - Harald Vogel
Oostfriesland in Northwest Germany, together with the adjacent region in Holland (Friesland) contains the largest concentration of antique pipe organs in the world. The five organs heard on this CD represent organ culture from the Renaissance, the Baroque, and the Rococo. Full descriptions and pictures of each organ, and registrations used are included in the 28-page booklet.
The Bach Circle represents Bach's organ compositions in relationship to the music of his contemporaries, predecessors, and important pupils on historic instruments. Volume II begins with a stunning interpretation of Toccata and Fugue in d-minor, interpreted on the largest organ preserved from Bach's period, the Treutmann organ of Grauhof, Germany (1734-37). The Bach Circle represents Bach's organ compositions in relationship to the music of his contemporaries, predecessors, and important pupils on historic instruments. Volume III features one of Schnitger's most well-preserved organs, in Noordbroek, Holland.
Wondrous Machine - Christopher Stembridge Beethoven in Context - Ella Sevskaya Recital at Ascension - Harald Vogel
Christopher Stembridge plays a collection of rarely-played early music from England. Works by Tallis, Byrd, Bull, Gibbons, Tomkins, Blow, Boyce, Walond and Handel (all the usual suspects) make a delightfully varied program, spanning 200 years of music, from the Renaissance to the Baroque. A 1751 Nacchini organ in Venice provides a wide variety of exotic sounds which enliven these dances, rounds and other works. A beautiful and unusual recording. "This is one of the best fortepiano recordings I have heard for a long time." -- Early Music Review, June 2002
Ella Sevskaya explores the soundscape of the Viennese piano with these three works from the late 1790's and early 1800's. Extensive notes on the piano and its use in this music, and the compositions.
This CD documents the second recital given on the new Fritts organ at Church of the Ascension (Episcopal) in Seattle. German organ virtuoso Harald Vogel takes us on a tour of this new instrument built in 18th century Dutch and German traditions. Included in the program is Cantica Rustica Americana, presumably "discovered" by Herr Vogel and played for the first time in this recital. This theme and variations are based on a 17th-century American folksong that everyone will recognize.
Recital at Christ Church, Tacoma - Sherman 1785 Schiörlin organ of Tryserum, Sweden - William Porter Gaudete in Domino - Englsih Lady Mass - Thomas Packe - Schola Gothia
"The organ is magnificent, featuring generous scaling resulting in broad and powerful principal stops and singing flutes. The marriage of performer, organ, room, and repertoire is triumphant." - The Living Church.  This recording documents a recital given in February of 1996 on the Brombaugh organ of Christ Church Parish, Tacoma, Washington. The program features works by composers known to Bach, including Brunckhorst, J. Praetorius, Pachelbel, Buxtehude, CPE Bach, and JS Bach himself. Christ Church is a concrete building with generous acoustics, and one of the best settings ever for a Brombaugh organ. The Schiörlin organ at Tryserum breathes new life into these works by Böhm, Bach, and Walther. A lively wind system, idiomatic voicing, and sensitive keyboard action make this organ sing in the hands of international artist William Porter. Polyphonic settings of the ordinary of the Mass by Thomas Packe (fl. 1487-1499) are interspersed with Gregorian chant in this program which was recorded in the magnificent acoustics of the Varnhem Abbey. The four women of the Grammy-nominated Schola Gothia sing from manuscripts in historical notation on a single large music stand, facilitating a unity of ensemble that gives this music an authentic, transcendent spirit.
Bach: St John Passion - 1725 version - Yale Schola Cantorum - Carrington The Bach Organ of Störmthal William Porter Organ Works of Melchior Schildt-Annette Richards
The rarely performed 1725 version of Bach’s St. John Passion is presented by Yale University’s premier early-music ensembles. Simon Carrington, who initiated his illustrious musical career as cofounder of the King’s Singers, directs this live performance. In 1723, J. S. Bach dedicated this organ with a concert featuring his choir from St. Thomas Church in Leipziag and his wife, Anna Magdalena, as soloist. The organbuilder Hildebrandt achieved an unusually high variety and quality of tone for an instrument of this size, earning him Bach's lifelong admiration, and later his collaboration on larger projects, particularly the large Hildebrandt organ in Naumburg.

This is the only recording of one of the few extant organs played by Bach, largely in its original condition!
The organ works of Melchior Schildt (1592/3-1667) were discovered in 1955, in a manuscript containing his monumental Magnificat.  That manuscript reveals a highly accomplished organist-composer whose dramatic music expresses his eccentric personality.
Haydn Sonatas - Ulrika Davidsson Schlick: The First Printed Organ Music Recital in York Springs
This CD features Ulrika Davidsson, one of Sweden's leading keyboard artists, playing selected Haydn sonatas on the clavichord and fortepiano. The selections demonstrate Haydn's stylistic range, from Galanterien to Sturm und Drang, and are performed on the most period appropriate instruments available. 2012 marks 500 years since the first printed organ music was published by Arnolt Schlick. Kimberly Marshall brings these early works to life, along with other music of Schlick's time, on the exceptional Paul Fritts organ at Arizona State University. Rising international star Riyehee Hong plays the Taylor and Boody organ of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in York Springs.
Bach at Haarlem Mendelssohn Rarities Music for a Princess
Bach at Haarlem/Dimmock
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Regarded as having one of the most beautiful organ cases in the world, the 1738 Christian Müller organ at the Bavokerk in Haarlem speaks nobly into one of the great acoustical environments of Europe. With 60 speaking stops, it was the largest organ in the world when built. Played on by Handel, the ten-year-old Mozart, Mendelssohn and countless other musicians over the past 275 years, this instrument continues to impress those fortunate enough to hear and play it. Grammy Award winner Jonathan Dimmock has recorded more than 35 CDs and concertized extensively on six continents. This recording features some of Bach's most popular works, including the famous Toccata in d minor. Hailed as "the greatest child prodigy the history of Western music has ever known” (Charles Rosen), Mendelssohn wrote for the organ from the age of 11. New appraisals of his less-commonly performed organ and choral works reveal gems equal to his most beloved compositions.

Performed on the new Craighead-Saunders organ of the Eastman School of Music, with the Schola Cantorum of Christ Church.
The first recording of the new research organ at Cornell University, modeled after the 1706 Schnitger organ of Charlottenburg! This recording explores the richness of the extensive library of music collected by Princess Amalia, including her own original works. Annette Richards is a leading scholar of the music in this library, especially the music of C. P. E. Bach written for Amalia.
The First Organ Concertos / Ars Lyrica, Dirst Bach - Clavierubung III - Schubler Chorales - Joan Lippincott Bach: Leipzig Chorales - Christa Rakich
The First Organ Concertos / Ars Lyrica, Dirst
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Bach: Leipzig Chorales/Rakich (2 CDs!)
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What were the first organ concertos? This recording proposes new evidence of the earliest in the genre by Bach and Handel. Matthew Dirst plays the Fritts organ of St Philip Presbyterian Church, Houston with Ars Lyrica Houston.
Joan Lippincott continues her Bach series with two of the most substantial collections published during Bach's lifetime. The Clavierübung III follows Book I (Italian Concerto) and Book II (Goldberg Variations) and precedes Book IV (Art of Fugue), and altogether represents Bach’s highest achievements in the art of writing for the keyboard. Clavierubung III, sometimes called “The Organ Mass” begins with settings of the Kyrie and Gloria, but is structured after the German Lutheran catechism. Included in this recording are both the large chorales, the alternative chorales for manuals only and the four duetti. Bach’s collection of cantata movement transcriptions for organ published by Schübler in 1742 includes the famous “Wachet Auf!”, and rounds out this two-CD collection. Program notes by noted Bach scholar, George Stauffer. A two-disc program of Bach's famous "Great Eighteen," performed by acclaimed organist Christa Rakich on two very different organs -- the Fisk organ of Old West Church in Boston, and the Fritts organ at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA. The booklet contains program notes by the artist as well as full organ specifications and registrations.
Buxtehude and the Mean Tone Organ - Hans Davidsson Buxtehude organ works: The Bach Perspective - Hans Davidsson J.S. Bach: Trio Sonatas/Rakich (2 CDs!)
Buxtehude organ works, v.2: The Bach Perspective/Davidsson (2 CDs!)
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Celebrating the 300th anniversary of Buxtehude’s death in 2007!  Recent research shows that Buxtehude had only mean-tone organs at his disposal during his life. Although there are many good recordings on well-tempered organs (including some antiques), performing these works on mean-tone instruments requires both a radical re-assessment of traditional performance ideas and a large and extraordinary organ. Hans Davidsson is the ideal performer for this task, and he plays the huge “North German Baroque Organ” of Gothenburg, Sweden. The first of three double-CDs of the complete organ works of Buxtehude; Volume One focusses on Buxtehude's best known works. Drawn by reports of the acclaimed organist of the Mariankirche in Lübeck, Dieterich Buxtehude, the 20-year old J. S. Bach traveled almost 300 miles to hear Buxtehude’s music first hand. On the second in our three-volume set of the complete organ works of Buxtehude, Hans Davidsson plays the ground-breaking repertoire that was known to Bach and his circle, and which may have influenced his musical compositions and performance. Scored for organ (or pedal clavichord), the Bach trio sonatas can be played on a variety of instruments, as Christa Rakich demonstrates in this imaginative program. Six different organs, six different organ builders, and an assortment of period chamber music instruments are used on this double-CD set!
J.S. Bach: Art of Fugue - Joan Lippincott Buxtehude organ works: The Schnitger Organ - Hans Davidsson Complete Organ Works of Jehan Titelouze / Bates (3 CDs!)
Bach: Art of Fugue/Lippincott (2 CDs!)
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Complete Organ Works of Jehan Titelouze / Bates (3 CDs!)
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Few organists are as well known or as highly praised for their Bach recordings as Joan Lippincott. Performing on the newly-constructed Craighead-Saunders organ (closely modeled after a 1776 instrument by the central German organbuilder, Casparini), Lippincott brings a maturity of vision to Art of Fugue that is based on a lifetime of distinguished interpretations and insights into Bach's organ works.  "Lippincott's wide variety of tempos, colors and moods make this possibly the most enduring Art of Fugue ever recorded...highly recommended!" -- Fanfare magazine Buxtehude's visit with Arp Schnitger in Hamburg in 1687 began an association that lasted for many years and resulted in the building of the four-manual organ at the Cathedral in Lùbeck, as well as modifications to the organ at Saint Marien.  Hans Davidsson explores the encounter between Buxtehude and Schnitger using the four-manual organ in Gothenburg, Sweden in this final volume of the complete works of Buxtehude. Robert Bates plays the restored 1630 organ of Saint-Michel Church in Bolbec, France in this first recording of the complete organ works of Jehan Titelouze. Known as "the father of French organ music", Titelouze was organist of the cathedral in Rouen and was one of the earliest to publish organ music in France. This is the first recording of his complete organ works and his been awarded the prestigious German Music Critics Award: "Robert Bates peforms brilliantly on the  restored 1630 organ at Saint-Michel in the Norman Bolbec. The instrument offers ideal conditions for Titelouze’s great art of counterpoint, and Bates  skillfully and imaginatively exploits all these possibilities. The magnificent organ sound is captured full of rigour, poetry and depth by perfect recording technology revealing all dimensions of the Church space."
Georg Böhm: Complete Organ Works (3 CDs) Complete organ works Correa/Bates (5 CDs!) Buxtehude Organ Works - The Complete Collection/Hans Davidsson
Georg Böhm: Complete Organ Works (3 CDs)
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Complete organ works Correa/Bates (5 CDs!)
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Buxtehude Organ Works - Complete (7 CDs!)/Davidsson
List Price: $89.94
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The first recording of Georg Böhm's (Boehm, Bohm) complete organ works performed on a large, four-manual organ, similar to the Schnitger organs in Hamburg that inspired his stylistically diverse compositions. Later Boehm became mentor to the young J.S. Bach in Luneburg.

This product includes a free YouTube hosted video by the Davidsson Organ and Dance Collaborative. For details on this video and its role in the performance of this CD collection, see the article in the on-line PDF booklet.
The Complete Organ Works of Correa de Arauxo---the first recording of hiss complete works in the New World. Using three 17th-century organs in Oaxaca, Mexico and two new organs in Spanish Baroque style in California, Robert Bates offers new insights in this neglected organ repertoire. Five CDs, and a 120 page full color book, in both Spanish and English.
Recent research shows that Buxtehude had only mean-tone organs at his disposal during his life. Although there are many good recordings on well-tempered organs (including some antiques), performing these works on mean-tone instruments requires both a radical re-assessment of traditional performance ideas and a large and extraordinary organ. Hans Davidsson is the ideal performer for this task, and he plays the huge “North German Baroque Organ” of Gothenburg, Sweden. The complete organ works are recorded here in three volumes totaling 7 compact discs.